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Brett Lindberg


LTC Brett Lindberg, Modeling and Simulations Research Scientist, is currently the head of CEMA Synthetic Environments research at the Army Cyber Institute.  He holds a M.S. in Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation from Naval Postgraduate School.  His operational background includes service as an Armor and Cavalry Officer, to include operational deployments to Kosovo as a Tank Platoon Leader, and to Iraq as a Cavalry Troop Commander.  Following command, LTC Lindberg transitioned to Functional Area 57 (Simulation Operations), where he has acquired over 10 years of modeling and simulation experience, including a deployment to Afghanistan as a BCT Mission Command Systems Officer, and six Networked Integration Evaluations (NIE) while serving at Brigade Modernization Command as the LVC Operations Officer.  His research background is in tactical applications of Augmented Reality technology, and he has also served as the chair of the Army Modeling and Simulation Office's Cyber and Electronic Warfare M&S Working Group.

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