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Alfred H. Paddock, Jr.


Dr. Alfred H. Paddock, Jr. holds a BA degree in political science from Park College, and MA and Ph.D. degrees in history from Duke University.  Dr. Paddock retired from the U.S. Army as a colonel in 1998 after 31 years of service.  His military career included command and staff assignments in Korea, Okinawa, Laos, Vietnam, and the United States.  During the 1960s he served three combat tours in Laos and Vietnam with U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret operational units.  He served as Commander, 4th Psychological Operations Group and was the senior psychological staff officer in the Office of Secretary of Defense during the 1980s. Dr. Paddock is the author of U.S. Army Special Warfare: Its Origins (Revised Edition), published by the University Press of Kansas, as well as numerous articles and book chapters on special operations topics. 

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