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Alain Auger


Alain Auger received a Ph.D. degree in Linguistics from Université de Neuchâtel in Switzerland in 1997. He has developed new methods to capture and fuse semantic information in electronic texts. His main research interests include knowledge capture and representation, terminology extraction, text and audio mining, ontology engineering, machine translation, automated document summarization and automated document classification.

He joined Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) as a Defence Scientist in 2003 and delivered several innovative capabilities to the Intelligence community. Dr. Auger was deployed as the Scientific Advisor to General Jonathan Vance in 2009-2010 during Op ATHENA in Afghanistan. He led TTCP panel JSA TP9 (2013-2017) which raised TTCP Groups’ awareness of emerging and potentially disruptive technologies.

He is currently leading DRDC's Science and Technology Outlook function within the Office of the Chief Scientist with the mandate to identify and assess the potential impact of emerging technologies on Defence and National Security to support DRDC's S&T program formulation and investments.

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