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24 January SWJ Roundup


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ISAF Training Mission Bolsters Afghan Gains, Commander Says - AFPS

Prince Harry Back in UK After Afghan Deployment - AP



Turkey: Syrian Regime's Actions Equal War Crimes - AP

Russia Criticizes Syria Rebel ‘Obsession’ With Assad Exit - NYT

Russian Foreign Minister Denies Evacuation Underway in Syria - WP

Russia Denies Large Syria Evacuation Amid Fighting - AP

Syrian Jets Bomb Rebel-Held Areas Near Damascus - AP

UN Says Syrian Civil War Devastates Farming - Reuters

About 20,000 Syrian Refugees Flee to Jordan in a Week - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

EU Says Iran Stalling on Nuclear Talks - VOA

EU Chides Iran Over Nuclear Talks Venue Proposals - AP

Expert: Iran Sanctions Near End of Effectiveness - AP

Israeli Election Results Have Regional Fallout - VOA

The Surprising Star of Israel’s Elections - WP

Israeli Lawmaker: Domestic Issues Must Be Priority - AP

Palestinians: Israeli Settlement Plans Cross 'Red Line' - VOA

Palestinians Threaten to Sue Israel Over Settlements - BBC

Bombing at a Funeral in Iraq Kills at Least 35 - NYT

Many Dead in Iraqi Mosque Bomb - BBC

Bahrain Princess on Torture Charge - BBC

Jordanians Vote in First Parliamentary Elections Since Protests - NYT

Jordanians Vote for New Parliament - WP

Tribal Lawmakers to Dominate Jordan's Parliament - Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood Boycotts Jordan Elections - VOA

Jordan Votes, But Main Islamist Party Boycotts Poll - Reuters

Yemen: US Drone Strike Kills 7 Suspected Militants - AP

US Drone Kills Six Suspected Al Qaeda Members in Yemen - Reuters

Qatar Poet Appeal Becomes Test for Web Crackdowns - AP

2 More Japanese Confirmed Dead in Algeria Crisis - AP

Morocco Plan to Change Rape Law - BBC

What Just Happened in Israel's Election? - TOI opinion

Israel: Obama Has to Learn to Live with Bibi - FP opinion

Israel: Don't Expect an Obama-Netanyahu Blowup - CNN opinion

Time for Obama's Nixon Moment on Iran - FP opinion

Al-Qaeda Finds Home in 'Arc of Instability' - USAT opinion


Libya US Consulate Attack

Clinton Grilled on Security Lapses in Benghazi Attack - VOA

Clinton Defends Her Actions Before and After Libya Attack - NYT

Clinton Delivers Forceful Defense on Libya Consulate Attack - WP

Defiant Clinton Takes on Lawmakers on Libya Attack - AP

Clinton Forcefully Defends Handling of Benghazi Attack - Reuters

Clinton: Benghazi Attack Part of Broader Challenge in North Africa - VOA

Some Algeria Attackers Are Placed at Benghazi - NYT

Libya Consulate Attack: Clinton Storms the Hill - WP opinion

On Benghazi, Blame the Bureaucracy - LAT opinion

Plenty of 'Difference' in Benghazi Scandal - Commentary opinion



Obama to Nominate General Allen to Head NATO - VOA

Obama Proceeds With Allen Nomination as NATO Commander - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Officials: Panetta, Dempsey to Remove Ban on Women in Combat - S&S

Pentagon to Lift Ban on Combat Duty for Women - VOA

Pentagon Set to Lift Combat Ban for Women - NYT

Military to Lift Ban on Women in Combat Roles - WP

US to End Ban on Women in Combat - BBC

Navy Can't Scrap Ships, But Can't Fix Them Either - VP

US Navy Ship Aground on Philippine Reef 'Taking in Water' - BBC

Navy: Random Alcohol Tests for Sailors in US - AP

Report: New Veterans Showing Gulf War Illness Symptoms - USAT

USAF Leaders Testify on Culture That Led to Sexual Assaults - NYT

Little Has Changed Since Tailhook, Based on Lackland Testimony - S&S

Air Force Officials Aim to Eliminate Sexual Assault - AFPS

Obama Dumps a Smart, Independently Minded General - WS opinion


United States

Kerry’s Committee Announces Hearing on Kerry’s Nomination - WP

House Approves Temporary Extension of US Debt Limit - VOA

Gun-Control Proposals Could Split President Obama, Sen. Reid - WP

General Dynamics Blames $2 Billion Loss on Defense Cuts - WP

Report: US Unions Continue Steady Decline - VOA


United Kingdom

Cameron Promises a Referendum on European Membership - NYT

Cameron Promises Vote on EU Membership - WP

Transcript of David Cameron's Speech on EU Membership - RCW

Cameron Trying to Ride Two Horses at Once - BBC opinion

Cameron Succumbs to Euro-Phobia - DS opinion



Clinton: US Cannot Allow Northern Mali to Be Terrorism Base - Reuters

US, Africa Say Mali Action Counters Growing Islamist Threat - Reuters

African Force for Mali Could Double in Size - VOA

With France, Mali's Military Commander Confident of Victory - LAT

US Airlift of French Troops to Mali Expected to Last Weeks - AP

UK Special Forces Active in Mali - Guardian

Witness Describes Killings by Malian Army - AP

Mali's Army Accused of Abuses - BBC

Army Seals Off Mali Town After Reports of Ethnic Reprisals - Reuters

Malian Army Ill-Equipped to Fight Islamists - AP

CAR Rebels Break Terms of Cease-Fire - VOA

'Beheadings' in Nigerian City - BBC

UK Sergeant Stranded in Kenya-UK Row Over Death - BBC

Kenya Orders Somali Refugees to Go Home - VOA

Somali Al Shabaab Rebels Threaten to Kill Kenyan Hostages - Reuters

Ghana Opposition Legislators to Boycott Vetting Mahama Nominees  - VOA

A British Crusade in Africa Is Lunacy - DM opinion



Eleven Held Over Mexico Violence - BBC

Venezuelans in Democracy Rallies - BBC


Asia / Pacific

North Korea Hints at Nuclear Test Following UN Resolution - VOA

N. Korea Threatens Nuke Test, Rocket Launches in Wake of Sanctions - WP

North Korea 'Plans Nuclear Test' - BBC

North Korea to Target US With Nuclear, Rocket Tests - Reuters

China Urges Calm and Restraint on North Korea Nuclear Test Plan - Reuters

Former Chinese Leader Steps Back, Fueling Speculation - NYT

Family’s Visit Confirms Chinese Dissident Alive - NYT

China Likely to Ignore Philippines' Challenge in South China Sea - VOA

Japan Turns Taiwan Activists Back from Disputed Islands - BBC

Japan Faces Nuclear Shutdown for Second Time Since Fukushima - Reuters

Thailand Court Issues 10-Year Prison Term to Editor - VOA

Thailand Court Gives 10-Year Sentence for Insult to King - NYT



Spain: Catalan Lawmakers Pass Resolution on Sovereignty - VOA

Spain: Catalonia Declares Itself a Sovereign Entity - AP

Prosecutors Call for Investigation on Greek Deficit - NYT

Turkey-PKK Peace Talks Hit New Snag - VOA

Russian Tycoon Likens Trial to Political Witch-Hunt - VOA

Russia: Jailed Pussy Riot Member Complains of 'Death Threats' - VOA

Bosnia Delays First Post-War Census - VOA

Slovenian Government on Verge of Collapse - VOA

Can the EU Become the World’s Policeman? - WP opinion

US Starts a New Cold War with Russia - MT opinion


South Asia

Report on Brutal Rape Condemns India’s Treatment of Women - NYT

Panel Slams Police in India Rape Case, Rejects Death Penalty - VOA

Trial in India Gang Rape Case Begins in New Delhi - AP

Rape Trial Challenges a Jam in India’s Justice System - NYT

India First Women's Court Opens in West Bengal - BBC

Inquiry Ordered in Death of Prosecutor Who Investigated Pakistan Premier - NYT

700 Alleged Militants Held in Limbo in Pakistan - AP

Bangladesh War Criminal Sentenced to Death - VOA

Think Pakistanis Hate Drones? Nope - Atlantic opinion


The jury is out until we win our next war. Sorry, but "hip, hip, hooray" does not work for me until we see the proof of the pudding.


Fri, 01/25/2013 - 10:50pm

In reply to by Morgan


I apologize for misunderstanding. I should have tried to look up Ms. Campbell's words before writing but I didn't. I am sorry.


Fri, 01/25/2013 - 9:44pm

In reply to by carl


The "hip, hip, hooray" was apparently said by Nancy Duff Campbell of the National Women's Law Center.

I emailed Ms Campbell and asked about the so-called "elimination of the last vestige of government-sanctioned gender discrimination" and how that relates to the current policy excluding women from registering for the draft in order to receive tuition assistance. Not surprisingly, no answer. I guess that door of opportunity doesn't need to be opened.


Fri, 01/25/2013 - 12:53pm

In reply to by Morgan


To reinforce what Dave said, I would have been much happier if your "Hip, hip hooray!" had been accompanied by something about how this is going to make the fighting forces much better at fighting rather than a quote about opening the doors of opportunity.

Regarding the decision of allowing women in combat arms jobs: “Hip, hip hooray!” Nancy Duff Campbell, co-president of the National Women’s Law Center said in a written statement. “Secretary Panetta’s decision to lift the direct combat exclusion both opens the doors of opportunity to all women in the Armed Forces and eliminates the last vestige of government-sanctioned sex discrimination in the United States."

So maintaining that women do not have to register for the draft in order to receive tuition assistance does not constitute government-sanctioned sex discrimination? Hhmm....