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12 October SWJ Roundup

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Military Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan Closing Up Shop - S&S

Bomb Risk to U.S. Troops Heightened by Contractor Fraud - Reuters

UK Marines Held Over Afghan Murder - BBC

Britain Arrests Seven Marines in Afghan Murder Probe - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

China in Afghanistan - WT opinion



Suspected US Drone Strike in Pakistan Targets Militants - VOA

US Missiles Kill 16 Militants in NW Pakistan - AP

A Shooting Foreshadowed By Taliban Threats - NPR

Pakistani Girl Airlifted to Military Hospital - NYT

Taliban Shooting Girl Switches Hospitals - BBC

The Taliban's Inexcusable Assault on Education - TN editorial



Jordan: US Forces Plan Shield Against Syria - AP

Turkey Says Syrian Plane Contained Ammunition - VOA

Turkish Premier: Russian Munitions Found on Syrian Jet - NYT

Turkey: Syrian Jet Had Russian Arms - WP

Syria Plane 'Carried Ammunition' - BBC

Syria Says Turkey 'Lying' Over Plane - BBC

Turkey Defends Intercepting Syrian Plane - AP

Pro-Government Syrians See Larger Sectarian Forces at Play - VOA

French Suspects Planned to Join Militants in Syria - VOA

Assad Is Beating the Odds - Time opinion

The Right Way for Turkey to Intervene in Syria - NYT

Behind Romney’s Tough Talk on Syria - WP opinion



Veteran Retired US Diplomat to Serve as Senior Envoy in Libya - NYT

US Picks Retired Diplomat to Serve as Envoy in Libya - Reuters

Misreading the Benghazi Attack - WP editorial

The True Libya Scandal - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Yemeni Security Official for US Embassy Shot Dead - VOA

Yemeni Officer at US Embassy in Sana Is Shot Dead - NYT

US Security Man Killed in Yemen - BBC

Yemeni Security Officer for US Embassy Killed - AP

Israel’s West Bank Settlers: We’re Here to Stay - VOA

Hezbollah Admits to Israel Drone - BBC

Hezbollah Says it Sent Drone Over Israel - AP

UN Report Finds Iran's Crackdown Expanding - AP

Rights Activists Beaten, Raped in Iran - Reuters

It’s Iran vs. West in Cyber Circling of Wagons - AP

Qatar: Little Nation with A Big Footprint - VOA

Egypt's Brotherhood Heads Urged Jihad for Jerusalem - AFP

Egyptian President Moves to Dismiss Top Prosecutor - WP

Mursi 'Removes' Egypt Prosecutor - BBC

Egypt’s Chief Prosecutor Resists President’s Effort to Oust Him - NYT

Algeria Targets Street Vendors as Fears of Unrest Fade - Reuters

Why Israel Will Vote Early - JP editorial

No President Can 'Shape' Mideast Events - OC opinion

Why Iran Can’t Follow China’s Lead - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

French 'Plot Biggest in Years' - BBC

Danish Jihadist Claims Role in CIA Strike that Killed AQ Leader - WP

UK Called for Abu Qatada Pardon - BBC

Al-Qaeda's Resurgence - Contentions opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense Intel Agency Director Outlines Changes Under Way - AFPS

DOD Aggressively Pursues Intel Innovation, Vickers Says - AFPS

Accused Fort Hood Shooter's Beard Focus of Fort Belvoir Hearing - S&S

Female Marine Vets Say Sexist Culture Put Them at Risk - S&S

The Pentagon’s War on the American Dream - WT editorial


United States

Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on US - NYT

Lawmakers Fret Anew About Gitmo Detainees - WT

US Border Agent Who Died Likely Mistook Colleague for Smuggler - Reuters

Facing Debate Over Fast and Furious - WT editorial


United Nations

Without US Funds, UNESCO Struggling to Stay Afloat - VOA

US Money Cut Leads UNESCO to Slash Programs, Seek Emergency Aid - NYT

UN Urges End to Child Marriages - VOA

South Korea Makes Last-Ditch UN Security Council Bid - ANN



Africa 'Shows Progress on Hunger' - BBC

US Looks to Effort in Somalia as Model for Mali Solution - WP

Shell Rejects Nigeria Spill Claim - BBC

Partnership, Engagement Highlight Africa Policy - AFPS

Challenges Ahead for New AU Commission Chairwoman - VOA

Annan Praises Kenya Reforms Ahead of Election - VOA

5 Gbagbo Loyalists Sentenced in Ivory Coast - AP

Guinea Struggles to Complete Political Transition - VOA

Ghana Court Rules Argentine Naval Ship Seizure Was Legal - Reuters

DR Congo to Host Francophone Summit - VOA



Mexico Passes Anti-Laundering Cash Purchases Ban - AP

Mexico Passes Law to Combat Cartel Money Laundering - Reuters

US Targets El Salvador Gang Cash - BBC

US Targets Violent Latin American Street Gang MS-13 - Reuters

Venezuela's New VP to Be Key Figure for Chavez - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Rival Launches Re-election Bid as Governor - AP

Guatemalan Army Soldiers Charged in Protest Deaths - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Japanese React With Fear, Anger Over China Islands Dispute - VOA

Japan: US Pact Deters Clash with China Over Isles - AP

Japan Nuke Chief Hints No Restarts Until Next Year - AP

Chinese Policies Blamed in Worsening US Deficit - WT

Chinese Author Wins Nobel Prize in Literature - WP

Chinese Author Mo Yan Wins Nobel - BBC

After Fury Over 2010 Peace Prize, China Embraces Nobel Selection - NYT

Award Spotlights Nobel Group's Troubled Past With China - VOA

Rights Group Notes Dramatic Rise in China's Forced Evictions - VOA

A Defector Goes Unseen, Embarrassing South Korea - NYT

S. Korean Leader: Military Failed to Spot Defector - AP

North Korea’s Capital is Glamorous Oz Set Apart from Hardships - WT

Indonesia: 10 Years After Bali Bombings, Local Militants Still Pose Threat - NYT

Indonesia: Threat Looms Over Bali Bombing 10th Anniversary - AP

Burma Activists Say Funding Initiatives Could Undermine Peace Process - VOA



US Hopes to Renew Arms Program Despite Russian Objections - VOA

Homeless Families in Spain Are Squatting After Eviction - VOA


South Asia

Indian Police Say 3 Muslims Were Planning Attacks - AP

Locklear Encourages Closer US-Bangladesh Military Ties - AFPS