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10 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


US-Afghanistan Alliance Important to DOD, Spokesman Says - AFPS

Karzai Renews Call for Dialogue with Taliban - VOA

Taliban Claim Responsibility for Blast that Killed 6 US Troops - S&S

Public Execution of Woman Raises Fears for Afghanistan’s Future - VOA

Taliban Execution of Afghan Woman Triggers Public Outcry - WP

Gunmen Attack Kandahar Police Headquarters - BBC

Dozens Killed in Afghan Attacks - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Picking a Winner in Afghanistan - WP opinion



Pakistan's Hardline Activists Protest Reopening of NATO Routes - VOA

Thousands of Pakistanis Protest Opening of NATO Supply Route - Reuters

Gunmen Attack Pakistan Army Camp - BBC

Gunmen Attack Pakistani Army Camp, Kill 8 - AP



DOD Official: Assad Regime Must End ‘Wanton Murder’ - AFPS

Syrian Opposition Group Says Death Toll Tops 17,000  - AP

Annan Reaches New Framework with Syria - WP

Annan Syria Talks 'Constructive' - BBC

UN Envoy Anan Seeks Iranian Help on Syrian Crisis - AP

Russia to Halt Arms Shipments to Syria - VOA



Egypt's President and Military on Collision Course - VOA

Egypt’s Military and President Escalate Their Power Struggle - NYT

Egypt Military 'Warns' President - BBC

Egypt Parliament Set to Meet, Defying Army - Reuters

Egypt’s Top Court Affirms Ruling to Disband Parliament - AP

Morsi Pledges to Reopen Parliament, Despite Rebuke from Court - WP

New Crisis Looms in Egypt Over Legislature's Fate - AP

What to Know About Egypt's New Political Drama - AP



UN Calls Libyan Election 'Extraordinary Achievement' - VOA

Election Observers Give Thumbs-Up to Libyan Vote - Reuters

Despite Fairly Smooth Election, Attacks in Libya Show Unrest - NYT

Jibril: National Unity for Libya - BBC

2 Local Libya Journalists Held in Pro-Gadhafi Town - AP

Libya’s Achievement - WP editorial

Libya’s Election - NYT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

As Islamists Gain Influence, Washington Reassesses Who Friends Are - NYT

Analysts: US Has No Choice But to Deal with Islamic Groups - AP

Former CIA Spy Advocates Overthrow of Iranian Regime - LAT

EU-Iranian Officials to Meet on Nuke Standoff  - AP

Iran: Trades at Currency Bazaar Ripple Through Struggling Economy - WP

Validate Settlements, Israeli Panel Suggests - AP

Israeli Settler Population Surges Under Netanyahu - AP

Israeli Court Clears Ex-PM Olmert of Major Charges - AP

Two Killed During Saudi Arabia Protest - BBC

Saudi Arabia Says Two Killed After Cleric's Arrest - Reuters

Saudi Princess Seeks Political Asylum - FP

Jordan to Investigate TV Fight MP - BBC

Algeria: Feared al-Qaida Offshoot Neutralized - AP

Al-Qaida Leader Released From Mauritanian Jail - AP


United Nations

House Panel Probes UN Agency's Tech Shipments - AP

UN says Journalists Need Greater Protection - VOA


International Criminal Court

ICC Set to Issue First Sentence - VOA


US Department of Defense

Instead of Upgrading Helicopters, Army Wants to Upgrade Pilots - DR

US Navy Presses Forward with Biofuels - VOA

IEDs: An Unsettling Amount of Outsourcing - WP opinion


United States

FBI: $1m Reward to Find Men Charged in Border Agent’s Killing -WP

Cyber Chief Urges Greater Role in Protecting US Infrastructure - S&S

Cellphone Carriers Report Surge in Surveillance Requests - WP

Army, Civilian Drones May Fly in US Airspace Sooner - HT

US Arms Makers: Uncertainty Paralyzing Investment, Jobs - Reuters

New Airport Security Procedures Available for Wounded Warriors - TNT

Let’s Draft Our Kids - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Three Men Facing Terror Charges - BBC

UK Police: 3 Men Charged with Terror Offenses - AP



Forgotten Conflicts - WP photo report



South Sudan Celebrates First Independence Day - VOA

South Sudan Marks First Birthday - BBC

South Sudan Turns 1, but Oil, Border Issues Remain - AP

ECOWAS Technical Team Monitoring Mali Security Crisis - VOA

Mali Creates 'Elite Force' to Protect Interim Leaders - VOA

Fatal SUV Accident in Mali Reveals US Commando Presence - WP

DR Congo Rebels 'Advancing on Goma' - BBC

Peacekeepers Vow to Protect Eastern Congo City From Rebels - VOA

Niger: Child Marriage ‘as a Survival Strategy’ - WP

Malawi Protest Prisoners Escape - BBC

Zambia Government Committed to Creating Jobs, Says Official - VOA



Mexico Gunbattle Leaves 11 Dead - BBC

Mexico Says US Agents Killed Mexican on Border - AP

FBI Probes Fatal Shooting Over US Border Into Mexico - Reuters

White House Notifies Congress on Mexico Trade Talks - Reuters

Honduras 'Drug Pilot' Shot Dead by US Agents - BBC

Honduras Shootings Spark Fears of Confrontation - AP

Bolivia Coca Union Elects Morales - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Cambodia Says ASEAN Ministers Agree to 'Key Elements' of Sea Code - VOA

ASEAN Adopts South China Sea Code - BBC

Aung San Suu Kyi Makes Debut in Burma's Parliament - VOA

North Korean Woman at Kim's Side Sparks Curiosity - LAT

Mystery Woman for North Korea's Kim - BBC

On North Korean TV, a Dash of (Unapproved) Disney Magic - NYT

South Korea Tries to Curb its Mounting Debt - WP

South Korean Officials: US Agrees to Review In-town Patrols - S&S

In Indonesia’s Jakarta and Election Issue is a Mustache - WP

China Flight Crew Rewarded for Foiling Hijackers - AP

Top Crime Suspect, 10 Others Flee Philippine Jail - AP



Russia: Putin Introduces Measures to Curb Political Opposition - VOA

Russia's Putin Says the West Is on the Decline - Reuters

Fatal Delay in Russia Flood Alert - BBC

Russians Doubt Government’s Flash Flood Explanation - WP

Iceland Turns Away from EU as Economy Recovers - VOA

Spain to Get 30bn Euros for Banks - BBC

Romania Court Ruling May Decide President's Fate - Reuters

Uproar in France over Tapes of Terrorism Suspect - AP

South Carolina Guardsmen Have a Mission in Kosovo - TS

First Witness Testifies in Bosnian Serb Mladic Trial - AP

Witness at Mladic Trial Recalls Bosnia Killings - BBC