SWF/SWJ/SWC Annual Fundraiser Update

Okay that's it, our annual "NPR-like" fund raising attempt is over and it fell way, way short of our goal of $30,000 ($6,040 was taken in). Coins are being mailed this weekend to all who contributed $50 or more. Thanks much to those who stepped up. Those who are so inclined to help SWF/SWJ/SWC keep the lights on and its players sane can still send some pennies our way by doing your holiday shopping at Amazon through our SWJ associates program (third bullet down).

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Are annual "Patron" accounts not counted in the fundraising total? I never received anything back for signing up for one.

Let me get a hold of Bill on this. I'm not sure what happened here.

Yeah...money came out of my account, but now I'm not sure where it went...

Dave have you got a mailing address?


Sent via e-mail and here:

Small Wars Foundation
4938 Hampden Ln, #560
Bethesda, MD 20814

Dave D.