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Hot Off The Press: JFQ Issue 59

The latest issue of Joint Force Quarterly is now posted at National Defense University Press. Here's the lineup:

JFQ Dialogue

From the Chairman - Admiral Michael Mullen

Letters to the Editor - JFQ


Executive Summary - David H. Gurney

An Interview with General James T. Conway, 34th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps - Dabid H. Gurney

Developing an Operational Reserve: A Policy and Historical Context and the Way Forward - John D. Winkler

Operational for What? The Future of the Guard and Reserves - John A. Nagl and Travis Sharp

Senior Officer Professional Military Education as an Equalizer - James T. Currie

Special Feature

The Security Trinity: Understanding the Role of Security Forces in COIN - Eric E. Greek

Understanding Sri Lanka's Defeat of the Tamil Tigers - Niel A. Smith

ISAF and Afghanistan: The Impact of Failure on NATO's Future - Tarn D. Warren

A QDR for All Seasons? The Pentagon Is Not Preparing for the Most Likely Conflicts - Roy Godson and Richard H. Shultz, Jr.

Is the Conduct of War a Business? - Milan Vego

Essay Contests

Winners of the 2010 Writing Competitions - Joint Force Quarterly

Harmonious Ocean? Chinese Aircraft Carriers and the Australia-U.S. Aliiance - John Frewen

U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan: Flawed Assumptions Will Lead to Ultimate Failure - Mark Schrecker

Information Strategy: The Missing Link - Hans F. Palaoro


Ike Warned Us About This: The MICC Stranglehold on Responsible Procurement - Eric A. Hollister

Redress of Professional Military Education: The Clarion Call - Charles D. Allen

Breaking Ranks: Dissent and the Military Professional - Andrew R. Milburn

Building a Potemkin Village: A Taliban Strategy to Reclaim the Homeland - Jeff Donnithorne

Strategic Communication in the New Media Sphere - Timothy Cunningham


What U.S. Cyber Command Must Do - Wesley R. Andrues

China's Ace in the Hole: Rare Earth Elements - Cindy A. Hurst

Responsible Drawdown: Synchromizing the Joint Vision - Paul C. Hurley and John J. Abbatiello

Force Planning in the 2010 QDR - Kathleen H. Hicks and Samuel J. Brannen

Force of Law

A Patchwork Strategy of Consensus: Establishing Rule of Law in Afghanistan - Mark R. Hagerott, Thomas J. Umberg, and Joseph A. Jackson


Operation Albion and Joint Amphibious Doctrine - Gregory A. Thiele

Book Reviews

The Art of Command: Military Leadership from George Washington to Colin Powell - Rizwan Ali

Will Terrorists Go Nuclear? - John D. Becker

Intelligence for an Age of Terror - Clark Capshaw

Immortal: A Military History of Iran and Its Armed Forces - Todd M. Manyx

Joint Doctrine

Redefining the Center of Gravity - Dale C. Eikmeier

Increasing Warfighter Interoperability - Ray A. Zuniga

Joint Doctrine Update - JPs Revised or Under Review