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9 June SWJ Roundup

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Obama, Karzai Discuss Afghan Transition - VOA

US Senate Panel Questions Success of Nation-Building in Afghanistan - VOA

Amb. Crocker Warns of Risk if the US Abandons Afghanistan - NYT

Progress in Afghanistan Called Hard But Not 'Hopeless' - WP

Amb. Crocker: Afghans to Need Support after US Pullout - WT

Ambassador Nominee Crocker Says Afghanistan Not Hopeless - AP

Gates: US Wants 'Joint Bases' in Afghanistan - WP

What We're Buying in Afghanistan - TNY

Haqqani Terrorists Threaten US Withdrawal from Afghanistan - WT

Pakistan Militant Group Vows to Escalate Fight in Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Official: 9 Killed in Wedding Party Attack - AP

Army Seeks Social Media Gurus to Save Afghan War - DR

Low Hopes for Afghanistan - WP opinion

Testing the Afghan Exit Ramps - WP opinion


Suspected US Missile Strikes Kill at Least 20 in Pakistani Tribal Region - VOA

US Drone 'Kills 15' in Pakistan - BBC

Clash Kills 8 Pakistan Troops, 10 Militants - AP


International Community Turns Up Pressure on Syria - VOA

New Move to Condemn Syria in UN - NYT

Western Powers Push UN Syria Vote - BBC

UN Considers Revised Condemnation of Syria - AP

Reports of Syrian Defections Signal Further Splits - VOA

Syrians Flee to Turkey, Telling of Gunmen Attacking Protesters - NYT

Hundreds in Syria Flee to Turkey, Fearing Army Assault - BBC

Syrian Forces Converge on Rebellious Northern Town - AP

Syrian Envoy to France Denies Resignation - NYT

Syrian Ambassador to France Denies Resigning - BBC

In Syria, the Death of Tourism - WP


Silence in Tripoli after Bombardment - WP

NATO Plans for Libya Without Gadhafi - VOA

Western and Arab Talks to Focus on Libya 'End-Game' - Reuters

NATO Endorses Decision to Extend Libya Operation - AFPS

Gates Calls for More NATO Allies to Join Air Campaign - LAT

Gates Calls on NATO Allies to Do More in Libya - AFPS

Gates Presses US Allies to do More Against Libya - AP

Senators Unveil Tough Resolution on Libya - AP

White House Says it Will Answer Congress on Libya - AP

Gadhafi Forces Attack Libyan Port City of Misrata - VOA

Gaddafi Investigated over Use of Rape as Weapon - BBC

Gadhafi Investigated Over Use of Drugs for Rapes - AP

Anticipation in Tripoli as Net Tightens on Gaddafi - Reuters


US Is Intensifying Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes - NYT

Militants Said to Gain Ground in South Yemen - LAT

Yemeni Activists Threaten to Launch Presidential Council - WP

Yemen's Opposition Aims To Strip President of Power - NYT

Yemen's Interim Leader Urged to Start Power Transition - VOA

Yemeni Parties Deny Talks Report - BBC

Tribesmen Seize Part of Yemen's 2nd Biggest City - AP

Fighting Turns Southern Yemen Town Into 'Hell' - Reuters

Preventing Chaos in Yemen - WP editorial


US Soldier Killed on Patrol in Iraq - WP


Iran to Move its Most Sensitive Nuclear Equipment to Bunker - WP

Iran Says It Will Speed Up Uranium Enrichment - NYT

Iran to Triple Higher-Enriched Uranium Production - VOA

Revolutionary Guard Praises Idea of Nuke Testing - AP

EU Accuses Iran of Deepening Nuclear 'Defiance' - Reuters

Middle East / North Africa

In Saudi Arabia, Royal Funds Buy Peace for Now - NYT

World Bank Seeks to Curb North Africa Handouts - Reuters

Mullen: US, Egypt Maintain Strong Military Bond - AFPS

Tunisia Postpones Election, Possibly Aiding New Parties - NYT

Tunisia Announces Election Delay - BBC

Will Mubarak's Trial Unite or Divide Egypt? - NYT opinion


Bin Laden Trove of Documents Sharpen US Aim - AP

Bin Laden Deputy Issues Eulogy Video - VOA

Qaeda No. 2 Delivers Video Eulogy to Bin Laden - NYT

Al-Qaeda Video Raises Questions - WP

Bin Laden's No. 2: Muslims Will Destroy America - AP

Bin Laden Documents Sharpen US Aim - AP

US Seeks Help from Egypt in Recapturing Terrorists at Large - WT

US Department of Defense

Future Wars Seen as Longer, Deadlier - WT

Lynn: US Must Prepare for Future Warfare Trends - AFPS

Panetta Sees 'Difficult Choices' Ahead to Curtail Spending - Bloomberg

Panetta will Deal with a Pentagon Bureaucracy that Gates Mastered - TH

Inside the Ring: Panetta and Defense Spending - WT

V-22 Vertical Aircraft Gets Rave Reviews - TH

Cost of Fuel is Major Expense for US Military - TD

One Army, Two Failures - S&S

Case Against ex-NSA Manager Narrows - WP

US Intelligence Community

Spooks Get New Workout Routine... for Their Minds - DR

United States

US Can't Justify its Drug War Spending, Reports Say - LAT

Lynn Cites Importance of Programs to Prevent Conflict - AFPS


Hedge Funds 'Grab' Africa's Land - BBC

UN Report Warns of Regional 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Sudan - AP


Suspicion and Disunity Impede Effort to Fight Drug Violence - NYT

Mexico: Former Tijuana Mayor Charged in Weapons Case - WP

Mexico Returns Former Mayor to Tijuana to Face Arms Charges - LAT

After Years of Rumor, Tijuana Mayor Faces Charges - AP

Mexico Gunmen Kill 11 at Torreon Drugs Clinic - BBC

Peru's President-elect Humala Eyes Stronger US Ties - BBC

Colombia Condemns Murder of Land Activist Ana Cordoba - BBC

Aide's Quitting Casts Doubt on Brazil's New President - NYT

Elite Police Force Arrives in Northern Brazil - AP

Asia Pacific

China Aircraft Carrier Confirmed by General - BBC

Report: General Confirms China's Aircraft Carrier - AP

Aggrieved Chinese Face Swift Police Repression - VOA

Scatological Mockery of Chinese Official Brings Swift Penalty - NYT

North Korea Reportedly Test-fires Missiles - CNN


NATO, Russia Clash Again on Missile Defense Plan - AP

Italian Police in Massive Swoop on Mafia Suspects - BBC

Greece 'Needs Further Assistance' - BBC

South Asia

South Asia's Energy Quest Could Reshape Region - WP

In India, Dynamism Wrestles With Dysfunction - NYT

India's Anti-Corruption Activists Renew Pressure on Government - VOA

Activist Condemns India Crackdown - BBC

Nepal Police Accused of Graft - BBC