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30 November SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan Officials Voice Scant Remorse to Pakistan - WP

Pakistan Will Skip Afghan Conference - NYT

Angry Pakistan to Boycott Afghanistan Talks - Reuters

Afghan President Urges Pakistan to Attend Bonn Conference - VOA

Pakistan Rejects Afghan Plea to Attend Conference - AP

Dempsey Makes Case for Progress in Afghanistan - AFPS

Survey: Afghans Living Longer, Fewer Infants Die - AP

NATO Service Member Dies in Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

How to Win in Afghanistan - WP opinion



US Scrambles to Contain Pakistan Fallout - AP

Pakistan PM: No More 'Business as Usual' With US - Reuters

Pakistan Steps Up Anti-US Rhetoric After Attack - AP

Pakistan Army: NATO Attack Was Blatant Aggression - Reuters

Dempsey: NATO, Pakistan Working to Improve Relations - AFPS

US Prepares to Vacate Pakistan Air Base - Reuters

Clark to Lead US Centcom’s Pakistan Border Investigation - AFPS

Pakistani Cable TV Blocks BBC Over Documentary - AP



As US Troops Leave for Good, Biden Visits Iraq - NYT

Biden: US Troop Exit Marks New Beginning With Iraq - AP

Biden Says U.S. Pullout Brings New Relations With Iraq - Reuters

Biden Arrives in Iraq as Drawdown Enters Final Month - AFPS

Biden Visits Iraq Ahead of US Troop Departure - AP

Iranian Influence Seeping into Iraq - AP

Soldiers in Iraq Pack Gear for Departure - AFPS



Iran Protesters Storm UK Embassy in Tehran - BBC

Iranian Protesters Storm British Diplomatic Compounds in Tehran - VOA

Hardline Iranian Students Storm British Embassy in Tehran - WP

Protesters Storm British Embassy in Tehran - NYT

Iran Protesters Storm British Embassy in Tehran - LAT

Iranian Protesters Storm British Embassy in Tehran - AP

Iranian Protesters Storm British Diplomatic Compounds - Reuters

Britain Evacuates Diplomats After Tehran Embassy Attack - NYT

UK Diplomats Pulled Out of Iran - BBC

Norway Closes Embassy in Iran After Brits Attacked - AP

UN Council Condemns Attack on UK Embassy in Iran - Reuters

Images Show Devastation at Iran Base After Blast - NYT

Deja Vu in Iran? - WP



Egypt's First Round of Voting Nears End - VOA

After Second Day of Voting Islamists Offer Challenge to Generals - NYT

Egypt Voters Turn Out for Second Day of elections - LAT

Voters Say Election Means Protests Can Now Cease - WT

Egypt: Partial Results Show Islamist Lead in Vote - AP

Muslim Brotherhood Says Leads Egypt's Vote Count - Reuters

Egyptians Keep Voting as Military Leaders Tout High Turnout - WP

Egypt's Military Takes Credit for Election Turnout - AP

Islamists Expect Gains as Egypt Counts Votes - Reuters

Egypt's Christians Try to Stem Islamists in Vote - AP



Pressure Mounts on Syria, Government Raids Continue - VOA

UN Rights Forum Poised to Condemn Syria - Reuters

Turkey Increases Pressure on Syria Over Oppression - NYT

Syria Hit With Turkey Sanctions, Army Losses Mount - Reuters

Turkey Intensifies Sanctions Against Syrian Regime - NYT

Turkey Imposes Sanctions on Syria - BBC

Damascus Mulls Arab League Sanctions - VOA

Syrian Rebel Ambush Said to Kill 3 Soldiers - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Calls for Restraint on Israel-Lebanon Border - NYT

Gaza Official: Palestinian President Opposes Unity - AP

Outgoing Defense Minister to Be Kuwait PM - Reuters

Freed UAE Activists Vow to Press Reform Campaign - AP

Islamist Named as New Morocco PM - BBC

Moroccan Islamists Face Tough Ride at Government Helm - Reuters

Libya: Capital Transforms, for Better and for Worse - NYT

Gadhafi's Daughter Calls for Libya Overthrow - AP

Tunisia Again Extends State of Emergency - AP

Tunisia Secular, Islamist Students Clash on Campus - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP

The Arab Awakening and Israel - NYT opinion



Manning’s Lawyer Hints at Strategy in WikiLeaks Case - WP


US Department of Defense

World Faces Strategic Inflection Point, Dempsey Says - AFPS

Chairman Dismisses Notion of Military in Decline - AFPS

Senate Budget Vote Backs Guard Joining JCS - AFT

DOD Works with Congress on Dover Review - AFPS

Services Announce First Fiscal 2012 Recruiting Numbers - AFPS

Military’s Aggressive Rape Prosecution Has Pitfalls - McClatchy

House to Vote on Faster Airport Screening for Troops - S&S

Medal of Honor Recipient Suing BAE for Character Damage - S&S


United States

Senate Approves Requiring Military Custody in Terror Cases - NYT

Senate Defies Obama Veto Threat in Terrorist Custody Vote - WT

Stage Set for Fight Over Detainee Legislation - WP

Lawmakers Try to Slip in Hundreds of Earmarks - WP

LA Police Arrest at Least a Dozen Occupy Protesters - LAT

Three Inconvenient Truths for Occupy Wall Street - LAT opinion


United Kingdom

Public Sector Strike Takes Effect - BBC

Britons Strike as Government Extends Austerity Measures - NYT



Congo Opposition Candidate Calls for Annulment of Vote - VOA

In Congo Election Whirlwind Votes May Become Victims, Too - NYT

Call to Annul 'Rigged' Congo Vote - BBC

UN Committee Sanctions Congo Militia Chief - Reuters

Ex-President of Ivory Coast Arrives in the Hague to Face Charges - NYT

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Faces ICC Murder and Rape Charges - BBC

4 Somali Soldiers Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack - AP



Latin America Poverty at New Low - BBC

Anti-Violence Activist Slain in Mexico - AP

Son of Slain Gulf Cartel Leader Arrested in Mexico - AP

FARC Blames Colombia for Captives' Deaths - AP

Honduras Turns to Army to Battle Drug Gangs - Reuters

Chile Seeks US Naval Officer Over 1973 Death - BBC

Cleric Hopes to Meet With Jailed US Man in Cuba - AP


Asia Pacific

Georgetown Students Shed Light on China’s Nuclear Weapons Tunnels - WP

North Korea Reports Progress on New Reactor - NYT

Clinton in S. Korea Ahead of Historic Burma Visit - VOA

Clinton Arrives in Burma to Assess Reforms - NYT

Clinton’s Visit to Burma Raises Hopes and Concerns - NYT

Clinton's Burma Trip Marks Significant Shift in Policy - LAT

Clinton Heads to a Hopeful Burma - WP

Clinton in Burma to Urge Reform - Reuters

Groups Press Clinton on Burmese Human Rights - VOA

Burma: Reforms Win Over Some of the Country’s Skeptics - NYT

US Outreach to Burma May Prompt Fuller Disclosure of N. Korea Ties - VOA

Analysis: Clinton Gives Burma Respect It Craves - AP

Suspect in Bombings Arrested in Philippines - AP

Bill Limiting Street Protests Moves Ahead in Malaysia - NYT



EU Defense Ministers May Endorse Pooling Resources - AP

Europe Fights for Euro's Survival - VOA

Eurozone Ministers Try to Beef Up Rescue Fund - AP

European Officials to Turn to IMF - WP

Europe: Markets and Masses Wait for Merkel to Blink - LAT

US Commander Condemns Attacks on Kosovo Force - AFPS

South Ossetian Election Results Annulled - AP

South Ossetian Declares Herself President - AP

Norwegian Mass Killer Ruled Insane, Likely to Avoid Jail - Reuters

Norway Killer Found Insane, Unfit for Prison - AP

Germany’s Denial, Europe’s Disaster - NYT editorial