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8/3/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 08/03/2022 - 8:49am

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National Security News Content:


2. How the C.I.A. Tracked the Leader of Al Qaeda

3. ‘It's Jason Bourne Shit’: How the US Killed the Leader of Al Qaeda

4. Veterans slam Republicans for playing politics with their healthcare

5. Senate confirms new leaders of SOCOM and AFRICOM, including Marine Corps’ first Black four-star general

6. China Rattles a Much Bigger Saber as It Prepares Live-Fire Drills Around Taiwan

7. Ukraine war: Russia accuses US of direct role in Ukraine war

8. Ukraine's Guerrilla War Against Russia Is Making Putin Pay a High Price

9. Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan highlights America’s incoherent strategy

10. As Pelosi visits Taiwan, don’t miss the action on China in Congress

11. U.S. kills Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri in drone strike

12. Pelosi has succeeded in highlighting Taiwan

13. Opinion | Nancy Pelosi: Why I’m leading a congressional delegation to Taiwan

14. National security adviser: Strike on al Qaeda leader ‘undoubtedly’ made US safer

15. Kirby: US has ‘visual confirmation’ of al Qaeda leader’s death in missile strike

16. It's time for a US-EU industrial strategy on China - even if it costs industry.

17. Pentagon’s secret communications network to get upgrade from Booz Allen

18. Russian forces 'can't cope' with the 'unpredictability' of Ukrainian troops, top enlisted leader says

19. The Putin Regime in Russia: The Intersection of Autocracy, Plutocracy, and Criminality

20. Aim Higher: The U.S.-Philippine Alliance Can Do More

21. The U.S. just killed 9/11 mastermind Ayman al-Zawahiri: Should Americans feel safer with him gone?

22. The Next Taiwan Strait Crisis Has Arrived

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea slams Pelosi's Taiwan visit, backs China's position

2. Presidential office calls for regional peace through dialogue after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

3. Amb. Goldberg hikes Mt. Bukhan in Seoul with S. Korea's top diplomat

4. S. Korean, U.S. military officers agree on timely strategic asset dispatch in case of N.K. nuke test

5. N.K. nuke missile progress outpacing U.S. missile defense modernization: U.S. expert

6. N. Korea reports no new suspected COVID-19 cases for 5th day

7. Rival parties' floor leaders to meet with U.S. House Speaker Pelosi this week

8. After Taiwan, Pelosi's welcome to Korea is muted

9. Time for a reinforced nuclear deterrence

10. ‘We’re willing to address the​ ​security concerns’ (Korea)

11. Pyongyang lashes out at Seoul’s appointment of NK human rights ambassador

12. Seoul wary of 'Pelosi effect' on ties with Beijing

13. Can Korea Join the Quad? How Should the Group Evolve?

14. Escaping N.Korea…History and Present State(1) Kim Jong Un’s war of extermination leads to the end of the defector era