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5/18/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 9:38am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine has retaken the region around Kharkiv. Here’s why that’s such a big deal.
3. Fate of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers unclear as Azovstal resistance ends
4. Is America’s military headed down the same path as Russia’s?
5. Special Operations Command Turns Attention to Indo-Pacific
6. Special ops leader issues warning over information warfare capabilities, funding
7. Pentagon’s high-level group to aid Ukraine is rooted in Iraq and Afghanistan fight
8. US soldiers model river crossing in contrast to Russians’ Donbas disaster
9. Ex-Green Berets Say Horse Soldier Lessons Ring True In Ukraine
10. Iran Is in Position for a Surprise Nuclear Breakout
11. Philippines' Marcos wants China ties to 'shift to higher gear' under his presidency
12. Review finds US troops didn’t violate law in Syria airstrike
13. SOF-TEC Training Site at White Sands Missile Range | SOF News
14. Debunking Rumors of a 'Xi-Li Split' in China's Leadership
15. NATO chief hails 'historic moment' as Finland, Sweden apply
16. Russian commanders killing their own wounded in Ukraine: Report
17. An Anti-War Underground Emerges in Russia
18. Why the West Needs to End the War in Ukraine Soon
19. U.S. Special Forces Now Need to Fight Anywhere, At Anytime
20. Tyrannical dictator Putin gives new life to NATO
21. FDD | Russian Disinformation and Propaganda in Relation to the War Against Ukraine
22. US special ops to get vehicle converter kits for the Arctic by early 2023
23. Foreboding Army PSYOPS recruitment video shows ‘who’s pulling the strings’
24. Don’t Let Over-the-Horizon Counterterrorism Eliminate the Premier Security Force Assistance Product: Partner Special Operations Forces
25. Why Finland Joining NATO Is More Shocking Than Anyone Realize
26. Understanding—and Fixing—the Army’s Challenge in Keeping Cyber Talent
27. What Southeast Asia Wants From America
28. Why Taiwan Can’t Copy Ukraine’s Civil Defense Blueprint
29. Opinion | The Long Game of White-Power Activists Isn’t Just About Violence

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea boasts recovery as WHO worries over missing data
2. China draws North Korea closer than ever as Biden visits region
3. North Korea May Be Trapped Between Famine and Plague
4. US assesses North Korea preparing for possible long range missile test within days as Biden prepares to travel to Asia
5. Army activates new air cavalry squadron with latest Apache helicopters in South Korea
6. ROK Yellow Sea Defense
7. What to Know About Biden's First Trip to Asia as President
8. N. Korea reemphasizes orders to use live ammunition against border intruders
9. Hamhung university students mobilized to work on farms despite pandemic
10. S. Korea, U.S. have 'plan B' ready in case of N.K. provocation during Biden's visit
11. Yoon, PPP lawmakers travel to Gwangju en masse to commemorate 1980 democracy uprising
12. Evidence keeps mounting of a new nuke test by North Korea
13. Yoon Suk-yeol gets on board Joe Biden's IPEF
14. N. Korea silent on S. Korea's offer for COVID-19 talks for 3rd day: official
15. North Korea's Kim faces 'huge dilemma' on aid as virus surges
16. From Storage to Transport, Hurdles to Getting COVID Vaccine to N.Koreans
17. N.K. leader criticizes problem in early response to COVID-19 crisis in key politburo meeting: state media
18. North Korean COVID-19/Fever Data Tracker