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4/28/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 04/28/2022 - 7:40am

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National Security News Content:

2. The Ukraine War, Redefined
3. How deep does the rot in the Russian army go?
4. Tokyo needs to brace itself for return of a new cold war
5. Can Western Tanks, Artillery, and Missiles Save Ukraine? Don’t Count on It.
6. The Russia-Ukraine War: What Historical Analogies Make Sense?
7. What Have US Special Operators Learned In Ukraine?
8. Sweden, Finland Gave Up Neutrality a Long Time Ago
9. Iran’s attempts to kill Pompeo, current U.S. officials are real and ongoing, Blinken says
10. Russia Uses Cyberattacks in Ukraine to Support Military Strikes, Report Finds
11. White House preparing to ask Congress for massive Ukraine aid package
12. U.S. soldier says Russians using Twitter to learn his Ukrainian location
13. Hiring for the Foreign Service Is Getting an Overhaul
14. Taliban Faces Rising Armed Resistance From Former Government Factions
15. Russia doubles fossil fuel revenues since invasion of Ukraine began
16. Ukraine crisis: Why India is buying more Russian oil
17. US Army to choose whether it’ll pursue a hybrid Bradley vehicle in FY23
18. Russia unable to fight another war after catastrophic military losses
19. U.S. no longer in ‘full-blown’ pandemic phase, Fauci says
20. Japan edges from pacifism to more robust defense stance
21. U.S. has "credible" information Russian troops executed Ukrainians trying to surrender
22. A political reckoning in Sri Lanka as debt crisis grows
23. The Fight for Ukraine Is Forging a New World
24. How the Ukraine War Is Changing Japan
25. Start with the Political: Explaining Russia’s Bungled Invasion of Ukraine
26. Ukraine and the Words That Lead to Mass Murder
27. China delivered a masterstroke while the world watched Taiwan

Korean News Content:

1. Biden to visit South Korea, Japan from May 20-24: White House
2. Statement by Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the President’s Travel to the Republic of Korea and Japan
3. Flexibility Can Bring Pyongyang Back to Negotiations
4. A Korean comedy of errors
5. Why North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Build Up Is So Dangerous
6. As South Korea’s Yoon Suk-yeol reaches out to Japan, hopes are high he’ll ‘change the tenor’ of ties
7. North Koreans found 'jailbreaking' phones to access 'forbidden media'
8. North Korean hackers stealing military tech, cybersecurity experts say
9. Yoon and South Korea’s Foreign Policy: Switching between Strategic Ambiguity and Strategic Clarity
10. North Korea Strongman Tosses Around Nuclear Threats in His Most Menacing 
11. Project Reveal New research into North Korea’s digital control system
12. Dr. Sue Mi Terry Announced as New Director of Asia Program
13. Yoon Promises No More Bloating of Government
14. Activist in South Korea restarts illegal leafleting of the North
15. North Korea’s ‘nascent hacker underground’ playing ‘cat and mouse’ with regime
16. S. Korea excluded from Ukraine’s thank-you list of 31 countries
17. K2: The 'Black Panther' Might Be the Best Tank on Earth
18. S. Korea may have misread certain expressions in Kim Jong Un’s personal letter
19. N. Korea is forcibly relocating families with missing relatives to rural areas
20. N. Korea regards suspected COVID-19 cases in political prison camps simply as “cases of the flu”
21. N.K. leader wearing white uniform reminiscent of grandfather