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4/21/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 04/21/2022 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ethics In Special Operations - Special Warfare Magazine
3. "I'm a former Marine training Ukrainians—the Russians are worse than ISIS"
4. 5 covert actions that could turn the tide for Ukraine, according to a former CIA officer
5. First American howitzers bound for Ukraine arrive in Europe as US troops begin training Ukrainians on the cannons
7. US Army document details plan to update WWII-era ammo plants and depots
8. Putin claims victory in Mariupol, leaving Ukrainian defenders holed up
9. The absence of an off-ramp – A diplomatic end to Putin’s war is becoming unlikely
10. Ukraine war shows America could be outgunned without investing in energetics
11. Russian Offensive Bears Down on Donbas as West Races to Supply Ukraine With More Weapons
12. US Army veteran: Fighting in Ukraine ‘more dangerous than Afghanistan was’
13. Army Golden Knights demo at Nats Park causes brief Capitol evacuation
14. Russia’s ‘Satan 2’ missile changes little for U.S., scholars say
15. 3,000 of Russia’s feared Wagner mercenaries have already been killed in Ukraine after 8,000 were sent in
16. Pentagon chief speaks for 1st time to Chinese counterpart
17. A Tale of Two Bears: Russian Experience in Syria and Ukraine
18. Cyber Signaling and Nuclear Deterrence: Implications for the Ukraine Crisis
19. Among Lithuanian fighters in Ukraine: 'it's our chance to crush them here'
20. Ukrainian official tells Grid: ‘Without the U.S., we’d be dead’
21. How Putin Conned the American Right
22..Germans, SEALs, JSOC, and One Soldier's First Jump | SOF News

Korean News Content:

1. Biden likely to visit S. Korea from May 20-22: sources
2. N.K. propaganda organs slam ongoing S. Korea-U.S. military drills
3. N. Korea increasingly relies on cyber crimes to fund weapons programs: U.N. expert
4.  It will likely be a long time before Russia is conducive to international business and may never be as long as Putin remains in power.
5. Moody's keeps 'Aa2' rating on S. Korea with stable outlook
6. Unification minister nominee negative about resuming inter-Korean tour program amid U.N. sanctions
7. FDD | North Korean Hackers Stole $620 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency, FBI Finds
8. China exports to North Korea surge with edible oil, wheat flour in demand as trade resumes
9.  North Korea's Kim Jong Un's Hollywood makeover highlights new propaganda push
10. Is this Kim Jong Un's unseen sister? Mysterious woman is seen shadowing North Korean leader
11. “Main Enemy”—concept ignored by Moon, but revived by Yoon
12. N. Korea urges effort to attain economic goals 'at all costs' during Cabinet meeting
13. North Korea orders wartime readiness during joint U.S.-South Korean military drills
14. <Inside North Korea> Outer walls of the special tourism zone pushed by Kim Jong-un have collapsed and cracks are occurring one after another.
15. My interview with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang last evening.
16. How Will President-Elect Yoon Manage The South Korea – U.S. Alliance And North Korea?