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4/14/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 04/14/2022 - 8:53am

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National Security News Content:

2. $800 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine
3. New Zealand bolsters support for Ukraine
4. Elite US-UK forces in Ukraine since beginning of conflict with Russia, says French daily
5. At the United Nations, America Suddenly Backs a Measure To Dilute Its Own Veto Power
6. Russia says major Black Sea fleet ship damaged in blast after Ukraine claimed it hit flagship
7. This Is the War’s Decisive Moment
8. The U.S. has expanded intelligence sharing with Ukraine about Russian troops in the Donbas region.
9. U.S. SOCOM Has History with Ukraine's Special Forces
10. 71st Ordnance Group: Adapting, Evolving, Improving
11. The Right Way to Arm Ukraine
12.  Can a tweet be evidence? How social media is being used to hunt down war crimes in Ukraine
13. Images of Zelenskyy show the physical toll that trauma and stress can have on the body
14.The Secret of Ukraine’s Military Success: Years of NATO Training
15. Russian Cruiser Damaged? Flag Ship of Black Sea Fleet
16. ‘Caught Between a Hammer and an Anvil’ - Israel’s in a difficult position when it comes to the war in Ukraine
17. China’s Embrace of the Taliban Complicates US Afghanistan Strategy
18. FDD | Iran Likely to Gain More Than $70 Billion From the Removal of Oil Sanctions
19. Vladimir Putin loses 40TH high-ranking officer in latest blow to Russian forces
20. US mulls using forces stationed in Eastern Europe to train Ukrainian troops
21. Russia has yet to slow a Western arms express into Ukraine
22. What Comes Next in Ukraine: Three Scenarios
23. The U.S. is considering sending a high-level official to Kyiv.
24. What images of Russian trucks say about its military's struggles in Ukraine
25. The Mercenaries Behind the Bucha Massacre
26. TikTok created an alternate universe just for Russia
27. Biden’s blunt comments on Ukraine can veer from U.S. policy
29. Elon Musk launches hostile takeover bid of Twitter

Korean News Content:

1. South Korea official signals leaflet balloons might again float over the North
2. U.S. Raps S.Korean Gov't for Press Intimidation
3. Yoon picks last 2 Cabinet nominees
4. N. Korea marks late founder's birth anniv. with completion of riverside apartments
5. No progress in denuclearization, no normalization in inter-Korean ties: minister nominee
6. U.N. OKs sanctions waiver for S. Korean NGO to send coal briquette machines to N. Korea
7.N. Korea promotes six commanding officers to 'general' for late founder's birth anniversary
8. Inter-Korean relations cannot be normalized without denuclearization efforts: nominee
9. Time to Shelve Denuclearization and Negotiate a Halt to North Korea’s ICBM Program
10.  S. Korea to send non-lethal military supplies to Ukraine
11. Top S. Korean, U.S. military officers board U.S. aircraft carrier in East Sea
12. Set up a top-notch overseas spy agency
13. South Korea: [Friends for decades] Israeli ambassador says it's time the two countries get married
14. N. Korea mobilizes students in Pyongyang to prepare for Apr. 15 events