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3/8/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 03/08/2022 - 8:53am

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine Conflict Update - March 8, 2022 | SOF News
3. The Strategy That Can Defeat Putin By Eliot A. Cohen
4. No-Fly Zone in Ukraine: War with Russia by Another Name
5. Biden’s Russian roulette may kill dollar dominanceBiden’s Russian roulette may kill dollar dominance
6. The Anti-Dollar AxisThe Anti-Dollar Axis
7. The Biggest Cyber Risk in Ukraine?The Biggest Cyber Risk in Ukraine?
8. Gig App Gathering Data for U.S. Military, Others Prompts Safety Concerns
9. Russia vs West in war for the censorship high ground
10. Why Is Ukraine’s Internet Still Up? Perhaps Because the Invaders Need It
11. Ukraine, Fight Your Fight—Not Their Fight
12. The Russian Sanctions Regime and the Risk of Catastrophic Success
13. Different Countries, Different Methods, Same Goal: Destroy Democracy
14. A photo apparently showing Russian troops stranded in an elevator is going viral
15. Like the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, But for Cyber
16. The Emergence of Civilian Resistance to Military Rule in Myanmar
17. Checking Putin: How to Counter Russia in Ukraine
18. What Ukraine Means for Japan
19. How the US and Europe helped Ukraine prep for insurgency
20. Niger Syndrome goes mainstream: Abbey Gate attack shows commanders are failing to assess risks
21. Analysis of IAEA Iran Verification and Monitoring Report - March 2022
22. Trudeau’s Double Standards on Iranian Immigrants: Alireza Nader for Inside Policy
23.  Stunned by Putin’s war, nations rewrite their playbooks on defense
24. Thinking Strategically: Economics, Resources, and Strategy
25. FDD | Time to Sanction Russia’s Alternative to SWIFT
26. FDD | Returning to UNESCO Will Not Solve Our China Problem
27. How the Letter Z Became a Russian Pro-War Symbol
28. Russia-Ukraine live updates: Ukraine says Russia still disrupting evacuations; U.N. says 2 million have fled
29. As Russia’s Military Stumbles, Its Adversaries Take Note
30. Ukraine war serves as wake-up call for Taiwan over China threat

Korean News Content:

1. Chinese FM says N. Korea's security concern not resolved yet, U.S. holds key
2. N. Korea urged to respect denuclearization deals amid reports of activities at Yongbyon
3. Australia sanctions N. Korean firm involved in arms development
4. North restarts construction at old nuclear test site
5.  N.Korea could return to ICBM, nuclear tests this year-U.S. intelligence report
6. S.Korea seizes N.Korean 'fishing' boat, fires warning shot at patrol boat
7. Russia says it understands North Korea's move to renew missile launches -RIA
8. North Korea: Construction spotted at Punggye-ri nuclear test site
9. U.S., 10 others, bemoan failure of U.N. Security Council to condemn N.Korea launches
10. Why Won't S.Korea Join the Quad?
11. Korea's mildeok put their collections to use to help Ukraine
12. Pentagon urges N. Korea to stop 'needless' provocation and engage in negotiations
13. N. Korean inspections find that grain processers and military logistics departments colluded to pilfer rice
14. Many N. Korean party cadres believe Ukraine’s “abandonment” of nuclear weapons caused current crisis
15. Lee vows to send special envoy to N. Korea, freeze public utility charges
16. 'Peace for Ukraine' message put up on Seoul city library building