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3/7/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 03/07/2022 - 10:01am

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine Conflict Update - March 7, 2022 | SOF News
4. Russia’s Military Chief Promised Quick Victory in Ukraine, but Now Faces a Potential Quagmire
5. Arming Ukraine: 17,000 Anti-Tank Weapons in 6 Days and a Clandestine Cybercorps
6. House working on bill to ban Russian oil imports
7. Putin’s plan is failing in ways he could not have imagined
8. Why the War in Ukraine Seems Destined to Get Far Worse
9. Making the Most of Foreign Volunteers in Ukraine
10. 20,000 foreigners volunteer to fight for Ukraine, foreign minister Kuleba says
11. If Russia Hacks a US Satellite, Is It an Act of War?
12. Truth Is the Best Way to Defeat Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine
13. Options to Mitigate Cognitive Threats
14. Why Putin will regret launching this war (Interview with MG Mike Repass)
15. Putin’s War Is Xi’s Worst Nightmare
16. FDD | Biden’s Coming Iran Deal Will Be Even Worse than Obama’s
17. Biden's bold gamble might just save Ukraine | Opinion
18. Putin Is Making a Mockery of the United Nations
19. Russia Recruiting Syrians for Urban Combat in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say
20. Decoding the 'Z' — the mysterious Russian military symbol that's been co-opted by Russia's nationalist movement
21. WATCH: Russian POW Tells Truth About Ukraine War, Putin Throws Russia Back To the U.S.S.R.
22. The world after the war in Ukraine: Who or what will stop Putin?
23. The stakes couldn't be higher in Ukraine. Here's why and what to do next | John Nagl
24. Top Republican says no-fly zone over Ukraine could lead to ‘beginning of World War III’
25. The battle for Kyiv will be on a scale the world hasn’t witnessed for 75 years
26. Ukraine needs clandestine help from the West | Column

Korean News Content:

1. If Putin has his way, Kim Jong Un may be next
2. South Korea reports high turnout in early voting, but apologizes to coronavirus patients for a lack of preparation.
3. N.K. leadership to decide time for satellite launch: pro-N.K. paper
4. Explained: Why North Korea's satellite launches are so controversial
5. U.N. set to hold meeting on N. Korea's latest missile launch: Seoul official
6.  (South Korea) Navy SEAL-turned-YouTuber claims he left for Ukraine to participate in war as volunteer 
7. South Korea’s presidential candidates face balancing act amid rising anti-China sentiment
8. New Australian Deputy Commander of USARPAC visits Camp Casey
9. S. Korea to suspend transactions with Russia's central bank, sovereign funds
10. Biden's mentioning of S. Korea shows gratitude for joining sanctions on Russia: Cheong Wa Dae
11.  Millennial and Gen Z views of South Korea's generation in power shape an election
12. 'Squid Game Election': South Korean campaign gets ugly
13.  What South Korea’s Election Means for Biden and Democracy
14. Traveller Shocked By App That He Discovered On A North Korean Smartphone
15. <Absolute Secret> Documents Obtained: Kim Jong-un's security team conducted background checks on grandparents to the sixth degree of kinship.