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3/2/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/02/2022 - 10:20am

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National Security News Content:

3. Opinion | Ukraine’s stirring self-defense is no accident
4. Remarks of President Joe Biden – State of the Union Address As Prepared for Delivery
5. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: March
6. Why John Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine
7. Zelensky assassination plot foiled, Ukrainian authorities say
8. Exxon to exit Russia, leaving $4 billion in assets, Sakhalin LNG project in doubt
9.  Ukraine Conflict Update - March 2, 2022 | SOF News
10. Russian Troop Deaths Expose a Potential Weakness of Putin’s Strategy
11. What the West should do now to help Ukrainians on the battlefield
12. Volunteers flock to fight for Ukraine in pacifist Japan
13. Perspective | President Zelensky’s leadership of Ukraine’s resistance is a testament to democracy
14. Ukrainian brewery switches from beer to Molotov cocktails
15. The history of molotov cocktails, from the Spanish Civil War to Ukraine
16. Answer to Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Could Be NATO Expansion
17. Ukrainians say they are fighting on in southern city of Kherson
18. Biden rallies Congress behind Ukraine, says Putin has 'no idea what's coming'
19. What happened to Russia's Air Force? U.S. officials, experts stumped
20. Russia, Ukraine and the West’s grand delusion of freedom
21. Five Lessons Learned From Sanctions on Iran for the Ukraine Crisis
22. Five Reasons Why Russia is Struggling in Ukraine
23. What a Russian soldier’s panicked text home reveals about Ukraine’s information war
24. The Impossible Suddenly Became Possible
25. Japan’s Possible Acquisition of Long-Range Land-Attack Missiles and the Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance
26. Russia-Ukraine war gives a glimpse of China’s new world order, and of Beijing’s faltering reputation
27. Sugio Takahashi, Pitfalls in Deterring a Taiwan Strait Conflict: “Unpreparable War,”. 
28. Here's Why a Ukraine No-Fly Zone's a No-Go
29. Ukraine’s drone strikes reveal Russian planning failures, expert says
30. "Oh So Social" Conversation: Dr. Robert Gates and Dr. Michael Vickers

Korean News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: March (KOREA)
2. Human rights crises in N. Korea and others require international attention: Blinken
3. Presidential candidates condemn Russia, vow support for Ukraine during meetings with Kyiv envoy
4. External pressure alone will not denuclearize N. Korea: former USFK chief
5. N.K. ambassador to U.N. denounces U.S. over Russia's Ukraine invasion
6. South Korea risks becoming ‘Ukraine of Asia’ in event of conflict, presidential candidate says
7. S.Korea's Reluctance over Russia Sanctions Damages U.S. Alliance
8. Biden remains silent on N. Korea amid Russian invasion of Ukraine
9.  Korean citizens pitch in to help support Ukraine
10. Seoul turns hawkish toward Pyeongyang amid pressure for Russia sanctions
11. Belated, lukewarm move
12. Two Koreas clash over Ukraine crisis at UN 
13. South Pyongan Province mines recently scrambled to send coal to Nampo Port
14. North Korea conducts sweeping ideological reviews of important party and state officials
15. Daughter of high-ranking N. Korean cadre executed for watching and distributing S. Korean videos