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3/16/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/16/2022 - 9:49am

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National Security News Content:

2. The US must help the resistance wage the 'other war' in Ukraine
3. Russia says Ukraine talks progressing as onslaught continues
4. CIA predecessor provides American know-how to Ukraine
5. Ukraine War Update - March 16, 2022 | SOF News
6. Without sending troops, the U.S. wages 'hybrid warfare' against Russia
7. U.S. defense secretary: 'We remain united in our support of Ukraine'
8. Zelensky’s address to Congress part of a tradition of foreign leaders speaking to lawmakers and the U.S.
9. Saudi Arabia reportedly considering accepting yuan instead of dollar for oil sales
10. U.S. Senate unanimously condemns Putin as war criminal
11. FDD | Surging COVID-19 Cases Undermine Xi’s Governance Narrative
12. FDD | For the U.S.-Saudi-Israel Triangle, Ukraine Is a Shocking Endorsement
13. FDD | Crypto-Fascists - Cryptocurrency Usage by Domestic Extremists
14. U.S. less effective at countering terrorist threats in Afghanistan and Somalia since troop withdrawal, generals warn
15. Pentagon May Boost Troop Presence In Somalia
16. Responsibility for war crimes of the Russian military is inevitable - address by the President of Ukraine — Official website of the President of Ukraine
17. Would Russia Use a Tactical Nuclear Weapon in Ukraine?
18. Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Topple Vladimir Putin
19. ‘I’m on the frontline in Mariupol’: the Chinese reporter embedded with Russian troops
20. Blinken sets a standard for lifting sanctions: an 'irreversible' Russian withdrawal
21. Does the War in Ukraine Prove Tanks Are Totally Obsolete?
22. Russia and Ukraine looking for compromise in peace talks
23. Zelensky says peace talks "more realistic" as Russian forces bombard Kyiv
24. Report: Russia asked China for MREs to feed troops invading Ukraine
25. ‘It’s the right thing to do’: the 300,000 volunteer hackers coming together to fight Russia
26. 2 little-known US and UK special-ops missions are influencing how Chinese military planners think about an attack on Taiwan
27. Odesa's Maze-Like Catacombs Could Be Bad News For Russian Invaders
28. Opinion | Chinese ambassador: Where we stand on Ukraine
29.  Xi Jinping’s Faltering Foreign Policy - The War in Ukraine and the Perils of Strongman Rule
30. Opinion | This Is How World War III Begins

Korean News Content:

1. Seoul: North Korean missile exploded in air in failed launch
2. US holds military exercises in Yellow Sea amid signs N. Korea is prepping missile test
3. What the US can expect from South Korea's incoming president by John Bolton
4. U.S. Conducts Show of Force Against N.Korean Provocations
5. Indo-Pacific Command Conducts Carrier-Based Air Demonstration in the Yellow Sea
6. Moon-Yoon meeting called off due to unfinished working-level consultation
7. Concrete facilities identified at Pyongyang airfield suggest N. Korea missile launch
8. The Military Logic Behind North Korea’s Missile Medley
9. UN asks China not to send 7 North Korean refugees back home
10. Failed test scatters debris around airport near Pyongyang
11. Li Ning Goods Detained by U.S. Customs on North Korea Link
12. North Korea intensifies battle against “anti-socialist and non-socialist behavior”