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3/12/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 03/12/2022 - 11:33am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine Conflict Update - March 12, 2022 | SOF News
3. Putin's War in Ukraine Is Going So Bad He Is Firing Generals: Report
4. Is a Russian disinformation campaign a prelude to a Russian bioweapons attack?
5. Analysis: Russia and QAnon have the same false conspiracy theory about Ukraine
6. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has created NATO's watershed moment
7. Fiery Biden insists the U.S. will not fight ‘World War III’ in Ukraine
8. Why Hasn't Putin Unleashed Major Cyber and Electronic Warfare in Ukraine?
9. How to Deal With the Unappeasable Putin
10. Opinion | Biden Is Seeing a Polling Bump Amid War in Ukraine. History Suggests It Won’t Last.
11. Top American generals on three key lessons learned from Ukraine
12. Risk Hindered Decision Making: How the DoD’s Faulty Understanding of Risk Jeopardizes its Strategy
13. The Growing Fear of a Wider War Between Russia and the West
14. Russian Military Efforts Stymied by Blunders, Stiff Ukrainian Resistance, Defense Official
15. US strategists double down on war with China
16. Perspective | Russia’s new control tactic is the one Hannah Arendt warned us about 50 years ago
17. Main actions of Russia in the course of “hybrid warfare” against Ukraine
18. “The alarmists were right all along”: A Moscow journalist on Putin and the new Russian reality
19. FDD | While Others Debate No-Fly Zones, Take These Steps Now to Help Ukraine
20. How Russians Can Bring an End to Putin’s Chekist State
21. Zelensky warns of "new stage of terror" in latest video
22. Putin Is in Trouble: Russia Is the Most Sanctioned Country on Earth
23. Putin Can't Get Lucky Enough to Win
24. War in Ukraine: How Russia is recruiting mercenaries
25.  Preparing for Defeat (Russia in Ukraine) Preparing for Defeat (Russia in Ukraine)
26. U.S. military investigation finds extensive failures before deadly terror attack in Kenya
27. Putin’s Endgame: A Conversation With Fiona Hill

Korean News Content:

1. Pentagon declines comment on N. Korean nuclear test site
2. N. Korea appears to have started demolishing S. Korean-built hotel at Mount Kumgang: report
3. Sherman condemns NK missile launch, reaffirms commitment to denuclearization
4. Treasury Targets Russian Individuals and Entities Supporting DPRK Weapons of Mass Destruction and Ballistic Missile Programs
5. South Korea's new president must embrace the people of North Korea
6. Evolution, not revolution, will define Yoon’s foreign policy
7. Misogyny and Real Estate Tax Produced Conservative Victory in South Korea
8. Building a Flywheel: The Biden Administration's Opportunity to Forge a New Path with North Korea
9. New conservative president-elect vows tighter U.S. alliance amid North Korea threats, China bullying
10. Testimony of Justice Michael Kirby (north Korean Human Rights)
11. What South Korea’s Election Means for Its Technology Alliance With the United States
12. N. Korean authorities find huge cache of illegal drugs in China-North Korea border region
13. Many N. Korean forest rangers are abusing their authority to obtain bribes
14. What's Life Like in North Korea? A Defector Explains
15. Yoon’s victory in South Korean election signals hawkish shift in North Korea policy