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3/11/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 03/11/2022 - 10:59am

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National Security News Content:

2. Russian state television DEFIES President Putin's propaganda edict and broadcasts criticism of the war in Ukraine
3. Iran Nuclear Talks Break Off Without a Deal
4. Ukraine Conflict Update - March 11, 2022 | SOF News
5. Why the US Won’t Give Patriot Interceptors to Ukraine
6. Testimony on the posture of United States Indo-Pacific Command and United States Forces Korea
7. Russian forces regroup near Kyiv after setbacks
8. Putin says Russia to use Middle East volunteer fighters
9. FDD | How Iran is Making Inroads in South America
10. Biden Congratulates President-Elect Yoon
11. The No-Fly Zone Delusion
12. Arming Ukraine Is Worth the Risk
13. Putin’s Nuclear Bluff
14. Why Strangling Russia’s Economy Could Backfire
15. Ukraine offers Taiwan a wake-up call, and lessons in resistance
16. U.S. Military Urges Biden to Place Commandos in Somalia as Militant Threat Worsens
17. Congress Clears $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill, Including Ukraine Aid
18. The Pentagon must pay for competition
19. ‘Putin is losing’ — but risks of a NATO-Russian war are growing
20. Ukraine Needs Ground-Based Air Defenses Way More Than MiGs. Here Are The Best Options
21. Putin's Plan B for Ukraine: A DMZ between East and West

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea tests new ICBM system, U.S. to impose additional sanctions: official
2. North Korea Tested Components of New ICBM in February, March Launches, U.S. Officials Say
3. South Korea, U.S. Bond To Tighten Following Recent Election Says U.S. Commander
4. Testimony on the posture of United States Indo-Pacific Command and United States Forces Korea
5. Signs emerge of N. Korea restoring demolished Punggye-ri nuke testing tunnels: sources
6. Yoon vows to make relations with U.S. commensurate with those of allies promising to defend with blood
7.  Yoon says sure S. Korea-China relations will develop further
8. N.K. leader visits satellite launch test site capable of ICBM launches
9. N.Korea Expected to Test More Long-Range Missiles
10. South Korea’s president-elect promises military buildup
11. Swing Votes Helped Yoon to Wafer-Thin Victory
12. Election Result Shows People's Desire for Change
13. Yoon’s victory brings sigh of relief in US, Japan
14. N. Korean state media reports Yoon's election as S. Korea's new president
15. Group of street sellers in Hyesan pelt local police officer with stones
16. South Korea’s New President Is Welcome Development for US Policy
17. Meng promises “to request to amend H.R. 3446” - OKN