Small Wars Journal

Urban Warfare Analysis Center

Sat, 09/20/2008 - 8:18pm

The Urban Warfare Analysis Center produces interdisciplinary research regarding irregular warfare in urban environments.

For those with Army Knowledge Online (AKO) access check out the completed research on the Research and Analysis page of the Urban Warfare Analysis Center (UWAC). A relatively new organization, UWAC prides itself on its "fusion" approach to research and analysis:

The UWAC Analysis Team utilizes a fusion cell approach to foster innovation and collaboration. In contrast to the old "stovepipe" approach in which information and expertise is rarely shared across teams, the fusion cell model brings together people with diverse experiences and skill sets. Thus, the two main ingredients for the creation of innovative ideas -- collaboration and multidisciplinary expertise -- are both captured.

The UWAC team is comprised of three disciplines -- military specialists, technology experts, and social science analysts -- to produce research and analysis across multiple functional areas.

UWAC participated in a USJFCOM / USMC project I worked on earlier this year in my "day job" and provided top-notch support. Here is a listing of their current urban operations related products:

• Implications of Iranian Media in Iraq

• Using Ocean Waves to Power Port Cities during Stability Operations

• Islamification of the Chechen Wars

• Virtual Worlds and Terrorist Attack Planning

• How a Boy Becomes a Martyr - The Dangers of Web 2.0 Technology

• Weapons Review: SCAR

• Aquaponic Technology in Urban Operations

• Virtual Worlds and Money Laundering

• Web 2.0 and Enemy Recruitment

• Impact of Off-the-Shelf Global Telecommunications Technology

• Urban Jihad: Militant Exploitation of the Koran

• Lessons Learned From the Israeli-Hezbollah War of 2006

• How the Iranian Media Help Build Support for Hezbollah

• Virtual Worlds and their Implications for Urban Warfare

• Hezbollah's Use of Arab Media to Galvanize Support

• Iran's Evolving Urban Warfare Doctrine

• Cell Phone Use by Insurgents in Iraq

• Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq: Assessment and Outlook

• Sistani's Future Role in Iraq

• Suicide Bombings in Urban Warfare: Trends in Motives and Targets

• Attacking Urban Insurgents: Choking Off the Money Supply

• Influence Operations in Iraq: Discussion Paper for JUW08 War Game

• Information Operations: Lessons from Private Marketing Companies on Cultural Awareness

• Text Messaging by Insurgents and Terrorists: A Potent Force Multiplier

• Tamil Tigers: Trendsetters of Urban Suicide Bombings Pursuing Airborne Capabilities

• Virtual Worlds and Enemy Attack Planning

• Emerging Nanotechnologies for Urban Warfare: Piezoelectric Devices

• Influence Operations: Print-on-Demand Printing

• Case Study of Urban Warfare: Compilation of Lessons Learned from the Chechen Wars

• Nanotechnology in Urban Operations: Overview of Capabilities and the Way Forward

• Emerging Nanotechnologies for Urban Warfare: Shear Thickening Fluids

• Contract Airborne Surveillance Support to Balkan Urban Operations

• Case Study: U.S. Marines in Beirut (1982-1984)

• Urban Warfare: Learning Best Practices on Biometrics from Casino Operations

• Emerging Technologies for Urban Warfare: Radio Frequency Identification -- Tracking the Possibilities

• Emerging Technologies for Urban Warfare: New Carbon Fibers to Produce Stronger, Lighter Body Armor

• Urban IED Threat in Somalia

• Sun Tzu and Modern Urban Warfare

• West Africa: Drug Trade and Communication Schemes

• Colombia's Counterdrug Operations

• Emerging Technologies for Urban Warfare: Nanotechnology and Battlefield Medical Care

Not bad for a young organization.