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8/28/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 08/28/2022 - 12:37pm

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National Security News Content:

2. The story of little Liza, killed in her stroller by a Russian missile
3. America’s Next War Will Be Urban
4. Taiwan: Two US warships sail through strait
5. Afghanistan withdrawal anniversary: Painful lessons from 20 years at war by Bing West
6. Rival Chechen fighters take war to battlefields of Ukraine
7. Stalin's Lessons for Putin
8. War Brings Ukraine’s Women New Roles and New Dangers
9. Arrests and Killings Drive Afghan Troops Once Allied With U.S. Into Hiding
10. For U.S. troops who survived Kabul airport disaster, guilt and grief endure
11. Foreign businesses want out of China. But breaking up may be tougher than ever
12. To prevent China ascendancy, U.S. needs to preserve its global system of rules, not rulers
13. No rules for USA. (China OpEd)
14. Clear analogy with South China Sea and Taiwan to India-China LAC tensions, says Kevin Rudd
15. Group of Dutch soldiers shot outside Indiana hotel
16. US colonel branded a MURDERER for turning away Americans during Kabul
17. Controlling the First Island Chain: How to Ensure China Can't Dominate the Pacific?
18. Stuart Scheller’s Tragic Truth-Telling About Military Hypocrisy 
19. Russian force won't return from mission fearing Ukraine deployment: Report
20. Special Forces Troops of Indian Army & US Army Participated in Gruelling 48 Hours Long Validation Exercise
21. In New Hampshire, Republicans Weigh Another Hard Right Candidate
22. 10 Rules to Live by on Social Media for Those who Serve
23. The Man Who Won the War (WWII)

Korean News Content:

1. ‘Invite Me’: Pope Francis Tells North Korea's Kim Jong Un, Says Will Work for Global Peace
2. Kim Jong-un builds eight new mansions so assassins never know where to find him
3. Guy Sorman supports Korea's decision to relocate presidential office to Yongsan
4.  We can choose both the U.S. and China (South Korea) 
5. Russian proxy leader in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region calls for North Korea ties
6. South Korea shifts away from China
7. MAGA all over again (ROK criticism of US IRA)
8. Unification minister renews resolve to help enhance North Korean human rights
9. International stability sometimes requires foreign policy ambiguities and contradictions
10. S. Korea's foreign minister arrives in Mongolia on trip to deepen bilateral ties
11. ARTHUR CYR: North Korea’s continuing economic decline
12. S. Korea ranks 9th among nations with trade surpluses with U.S. in H1: data