Small Wars Journal

5 November SWJ Roundup

Fri, 11/05/2010 - 3:38am

Neighboring Countries Ponder a Post-occupation Afghanistan - Washington Post

Taliban Suspected in Deaths of Four Afghan Police Officers - Los Angeles Times

Facebook Brings the War to Ft. Campbell - Washington Post

Republican Eyes Defense Spending, not Afghan Deadline - Reuters

U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Care Little for Vote - Agence France-Presse

We Need an Indian Civilian Surge - Foreign Policy opinion


Obama to Skip Pakistan on Trip, Causing Concern - Washington Post

Breaking Pakistan's Nuclear Addiction - Foreign Policy opinion


Al-Qaida in Arabian Peninsula Comes Into Its Own - Voice of America

YouTube Withdraws Cleric's Videos - New York Times

Yemen Parcel Bomb '17 Minutes from Exploding' - BBC News

U.S., U.K. Play Down Ticking Bomb Talk - Associated Press

Q&A: Air Freight Bomb Plot - BBC News

South Yemen Car Bomb Kills Two - Reuters


Bombings May Spur End To Iraq's Political Impasse - NPR

Video Analysis: Old Fears in the 'New' Iraq - New York Times

Baghdad Studio of Feisty TV Station Shut Down - New York Times


U.S. Gets Some Love, and Hate, in Tehran - Los Angeles Times

Iran Denies Woman Faces Imminent Execution - Reuters

Iran Blocks Former President's Website - Associated Press

Iranian Lawyer on Hunger Strike - BBC News

The Supreme Leader's Not-So-Grand Tour - Foreign Policy opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Navy SEAL, 2 Others Accused of Arms Smuggling - Los Angeles Times

C-4 Seized in Colorado in Navy SEAL Smuggling Case - Associated Press

Military Wants to Fly More Sophisticated Drones - Associated Press

Guantanamo Task Force Stands Tall in Tough Mission - AFPS

Mullens Speak Out on Veterans' Challenges - AFPS

Mullen: Military Lags in Support of Women Warriors - AFPS

United States

For Obama, Foreign Policy May Offer Avenues for Success - New York Times

Can Foreign Policy be a Bright Spot for Obama? - Christian Science Monitor

Obama to Focus on Foreign Policy in Four-nation Asian Trip - Washington Post

Abroad, Fear That Midterm Result May Turn U.S. Inward - New York Times

Lame Ducks Urged to Pass New START - Washington Times

White House, DOD Urge Senate to Ratify START Treaty - AFPS

Group Rallies Opposition to Nuclear Pact with Russia - Washington Times

Goals for Mr. Obama's Trip to Asia - Washington Post editorial

United Kingdom

U.K. Announces More Air Cargo Security Measures - Associated Press

United Nations

U.N. Report Finds Development Progress Even in Poorest Countries - VOA

Human Development Report Shows Great Gains, Some Slides - New York Times


Sudan Police Killed in Clash with Darfur Rebels - BBC News

Algeria to Arm Civilians Against Islamist Militants - BBC News

Profile: Al-Qaeda in North Africa - BBC News

Ivory Coast Set for Presidential Election Run-off - BBC News

For Some Bushmen, a Homeland Worth the Fight - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

Six Americans Killed In Mexico's Drug War City - Reuters

Mistake May Have Led to Mass Deaths in Mexico - Washington Post

Mystery of Missing 20 in Mexico May be Solved - Los Angeles Times

Graves May Solve Mystery in Mexico - New York Times

Mexican Police Search for More Bodies in Acapulco - Associated Press

Mexico Drugs Cartel Suspects Arrested in Atlanta Area - BBC News

Dutch Colombia Rebel Fighter Vows Victory or Death - Associated Press

Brazil Wants Rousseff's Alleged Torturers Tried - Associated Press

Where will President-elect Rousseff Take Brazil? - Los Angeles Times opinion

Facing New Crisis, Haitians Prove Skeptical - New York Times

Rain Soaks Haiti as Storm Nears - BBC News

Haiti Homeless Caught Between Eviction and Storm - Associated Press

Another Obstacle Stalls $1.15B in U.S. Aid for Haiti - Associated Press

U.S. Military Prepares to Aid Haiti as Tomas Approaches - AFPS

Asia Pacific

China Urges Europeans to Snub Nobel Ceremony - New York Times

China Urges Diplomats to Skip Nobel Ceremony - Los Angeles Times

China Pressures European Governments Over Nobel - Associated Press

China Says European Support For Nobel Winner An Affront - Reuters

Purported Video Behind China-Japan Clash Leaked - Associated Press

Japan Investigating China Collision Video - Reuters

A Guarded Optimism in Burma as Vote Nears - New York Times

Burma Hit by Massive Net Attack Ahead of Election - BBC News

Fresh Volcanic Eruptions in Indonesia - New York Times

Volcano Kills Dozens in Indonesia - BBC News

Indonesia's Volcano Death Toll Doubles Overnight - Reuters


E.U. Says It Will Overhaul Privacy Regulations - New York Times

Before G-20, Sarkozy Says He Will Need Chinese Help - New York Times

Another Package Is Defused as Greece Halts Overseas Mail - Associated Press

Greek Bombers Used Hollow Books - Associated Press

Serbian President Apologizes for Wartime Massacre - Associated Press

Middle East

Saudi Prince Rules Out Engagement with Israel - Washington Post

Saudi Envoy Fears New 'Neocon' Congress - Washington Times

Palestinians to Give U.S. Peace Effort More Time - Reuters

Mid-East Peace Talks: U.K. Says Window 'Closing' - BBC News

Hamas Military Wing Complicates Fatah Reconciliation - Christian Science Monitor

U.K.: Israeli Officials Shouldn't Fear Arrest - Associated Press

Egypt's Transformation - Washington Post opinion

South Asia

Obama to Seek 'Deeper, Broader' Relations with India During Visit - VOA

Obama to Visit India, and Both Sides Hope to Expand Ties - New York Times

Obama Hopes to Charm a Disgruntled India - Los Angeles Times

India Expects Less-mythical Obama - Washington Times

India Rising - Foreign Policy