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15 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP



Australia to Train Afghan Forces after Withdrawal of Combat Forces - CNN

Karzai: Cooperation Key to Stability in Afghanistan - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Haggling Over Afghanistan - WP opinion



US, Pakistan Appear to Have Reached a Stalemate on Key Issues - WP

Pakistan Calls Again for Apology for NATO Strike - Reuters



US Military Completes Planning for Syria Scenarios, CNN Says - S&S

UN Observers Enter Battered Syrian Town - VOA

UN Monitors Reach Haffa in Syria - BBC

UN Monitors Find Vast Devastation in Syrian Village - NYT

Smell of Death Greets UN Monitors in Syrian Town - AP

Syrian Town Deserted, Burnt After Clashes - Reuters

Britain: Time Running Out for Annan's Syria Peace Plan - Reuters

Civil War Designation Would Trigger Humanitarian Protections - VOA

Clock Ticking for Russian Political Solution in Syria - VOA

Russia Official Says West Has No Solution to Syria - Reuters

A Closer Look at Russian Arms Sales to Syria - AP

Syrian Liberators, Bearing Toy Guns - NYT



Clinton Says No Going Back on Democracy in Egypt - Reuters

Egypt Ruling Lets Mubarak Official Run for President - VOA

Blow to Transition as Court Dissolves Egypt’s Parliament - NYT

Egypt’s Highest Court Says Parliament Must Dissolve - AP

Egyptians Challenge Decree Giving Army Arrest Powers - Reuters

Brotherhood Anger at Egypt Ruling - BBC

Court Rulings Tip Egypt's Transition Into Turmoil - Reuters

Experts: Egyptian Rulings Could Throw Country Back Into Chaos - VOA

Egypt’s Parliament Declared Illegal - WP

Revolt Leaders Cite Failure to Uproot Old Order in Egypt - NYT

Egyptians React to Court Ruling Dissolving Parliament - WP

What to Know on Egypt's New Political Drama - AP

In Egypt, a Sense of Dread - WP opinion                                                                    


Middle East / North Africa

Obama Speaks With Saudi King Amid Syria, Iran Concerns - Reuters

British and Iranian Officials Meet to Discuss Rift - NYT

Bahrain Court Upholds Convictions of 9 Doctors - NYT

Bahrain Cuts Medics' Sentences - BBC

Yemeni Army Advances on Third Rebel-Held Town - Reuters

Tunisia Bans Rival Protests Set for Friday - AP

Tunisia Outlaws Friday Protests - BBC

Libya Refuses to Release Hague Court Workers - NYT

Libya Revokes Gaddafi Praise Law - BBC

Bahrain Compounds the Injustice - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

NATO is Crucial to US Security, Panetta Tells Senators - AFPS

Reduction Focus Shifts From Nukes to Bio Threats - AFPS

Military, NFL Team Up to Reduce Shared Stigma About Concussions - S&S

Panetta Praises Legacy on Army’s 237th Birthday - AFPS

Navy Ships Participate in Flag Day, War of 1812 Commemorations - AFPS


United States

Panetta: Sense of Urgency Needed to Defend Against Cyber Attacks - AFPS

Senator Urges Bigger Cuts to Nuclear Arsenal - NYT

Winnefeld: Time for US to Join Law of Sea Convention - AFPS

Holder to Comply in Part With Gun Inquiry Request - NYT

Eric Holder’s Worst Week - WP opinion


United Kingdom

UK Sets Measures to Insulate Itself from Spreading Crisis - WP

Switzerland and Britain Gird Against the Storm - NYT

Britain Unveils Electronic Mass Surveillance Plan - AP

PM: Relationship Between Media, Politicians Too Cozy - VOA

Editor to PM: 'We're in this Together' - BBC

At British Inquiry, Cameron Denies ‘Deals’ With Murdoch - NYT

Britain’s Cameron in the Hot Seat - WP

British Court Rejects WikiLeaks Founder Appeal - VOA

WikiLeaks Founder Loses in Court Again - NYT



Stop Funding Explosives, Activists Say - VOA



Obama Unveils US Africa Strategy - BBC

Clinton Unveils New US Africa Policy - VOA

Report: US Expands Air Surveillance Across Africa - VOA

Contractors Run Spying Missions for US in Africa - WP

US Shares Fruit of Spy Missions - WP

US Surveillance Targets in Africa - WP

Sudan Agrees to Resume Talks With S. Sudan Next Week - Reuters

Former Nigeria Military Leader Hints at Presidential Run - VOA

Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Probe Head Quizzed Over Bribe - Reuters

UN Chief Warns of Lack of Resources in Kony Hunt - Reuters

Bid for UN Mali Sanctions Falters - BBC

Mali Journalists Denounce Attack on Press Freedom - VOA

Togo Rocked by Reform Protests - BBC

Dozens Hurt, Arrested in 3 Days of Togo Protests - AP



USSOUTHCOM Promotes ‘Whole-of-Society Solutions’ - AFPS

Mexico Presidential Frontrunner Rises in Poll After Debate - Reuters

Mexico: Case of ex-Governor and Narcos Reads Like Crime Thriller - WP

Kidnapped Crime Reporter Found Dead in Eastern Mexico -Reuters

Mexican Journalist Killed, 5th in 1½ Months - AP

Mexico Crime Reporter Found Killed in Veracruz State - BBC

Kidnapping by Mexican Police Caught on Video - AP

Films Highlight Mexico's Dark Political Past - AP

Colombia's Legendary Police Chief Heads to Mexico - AP

Colombian Congress Approves Landmark Peace Talks Law - BBC

Colombia Lawmakers Pass Framework Law for Peace - AP

Colombian Lawmakers Approve Peace Talks Law - Reuters

Venezuela’s Chavez Unveils Surveillance Drone - BBC

Argentina's President Presses Claim to Falklands - AP

Argentina's Fernandez Takes Falklands Claim to UN - Reuters

Argentina Demands Falklands Talks - BBC

Britain Warns Argentina Over Falklands 'Aggression' - Reuters

Falkland Islanders Mark Day of Argentine Defeat - AP

Falklands Anniversary: Argentine Media Subdued - BBC

Bolivia Tries Out Anti-fraud Pens - BBC

Jamaica Party Says It Got $1 Million From Swindler - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

US, South Korea, Japan to Conduct Naval Exercise - AFPS

South Korea, US Hold Defense, Foreign Affairs Talks - AFPS

Clinton: N. Korea's Kim Has Opportunity to Bring Historic Change - VOA

Don't Be Like Your Father, Clinton Urges North Korea Ruler - Reuters

Accused Chinese Party Members Face Harsh Discipline - NYT

Arrested Spy Compromised China's US Espionage Network - Reuters

Japan Moves Closer to Restarting Nuclear Reactors - WP

Japan: New Atomic Regulatory Body Within 3 Months - Reuters

Suspect in ’95 Tokyo Attack Is Said to Be Caught - NYT

Police 'Holds Japan Cult Fugitive' - BBC

Last Fugitive Nabbed in '95 Japan Gassing - AP

UN Envoy Visits Burma’s Stricken Rakhine State - VOA

A Burmese Leader’s Triumphant Return to Europe - NYT

Burma’s Suu Kyi Falls Ill During Swiss News Conference - VOA

Coca-Cola Announces Burma Return - BBC

Veteran Mideast TV Reporter Missing in Philippines - AP

Activist Slaying Sparks Riot in Indonesia's Papua - AP



Switzerland and Britain Gird Against the Storm - NYT

Europe Braces for Greek Vote, and Maybe More - NYT

Greece Ponders Second Election in 6 Weeks - VOA

World Bank Chief Rejects Involvement in Greece - Reuters

Greek Stocks Rocket Ahead of Crucial Elections - AP

Merkel Stresses Limits to Germany’s Strength - NYT

France's Left Set for Parliament Majority - Reuters

Russian Official Apologizes for Threatening Journalist - NYT

New Serbian President Vows to Seek EU Membership - AP

Official: Russia Wants Nationalist Serb Government - AP

How Greece Squandered Its Freedom - NYT opinion