Patricia DeGennaro

Patricia “Tricia” DeGennaro is an Adjunct Professor of International Security at New York University and a U.S. Army Contractor with Threat Tec, LLC. in support of the TRADOC G27 Operational Environment Training Support Center. Ms. DeGennaro has an MBA from George Washington University and an MPA in international security from Harvard University’s Kennedy School. Her expertise is focused on geopolitics of the Middle East, North Africa and near Asia regions.

If I have learned anything in my long career of service to my country, it is that there are many fights that can be better fought non-lethally than lethally.

Understanding and engaging in the human domain is essential if you are trying to change, inform or shape human behavior.

Mad Scientist # 13: The Gray Zone is an ambiguous space. Not easy to visualize, it is cloaked making things beneath not always what they seem.