John A. Nagl

John A Nagl is the ninth Headmaster of The Haverford School.  A retired Army officer with service in both Iraq wars, he helped write the 2006 edition of FM 3-24 and is the author of the forthcoming book Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in Theory and Practice.


Original and Good: The New US Army and Marine Corps “Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies” Field Manual.

Octavian Manea offers an interview with John Nagl who opines that "the savage wars of peace are still going to have an interest in us."

It is time for Afghan forces to fully take charge of their national security

Overwhelmingly the American people would say the war was a mistake, and undeniably the reason we went to war in the first place was invalid

Via e-mail from Guy Filippelli, Veterans Transition Program Chairman, National Italian American Foundation.

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