David Kuhn

David A. Kuhn provides specialized law enforcement and first responder training throughout the United States, focusing on terrorism incident response and threat mitigation. His is a recognized authority in the area of military standoff weapons, MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Defense Systems), and forensic analysis of areas where such weapons or explosives have been deployed.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note # 17 : Indications & Warnings (I&W) for Small Caliber Mortar Deployment.

Rare photos of receovered cartel car bomb are reminiscent of IEDs found in Iraq.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #11: MG 34 Machine Guns Recovered in Nayarit— Hezbollah Arms Transfer Concerns

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #10: Claymore Anti-Personnel Mine (and Other Military Hardware) Recovered in Zacatecas.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Notes: No 4. Cartel Military Weapons Cache Discovered Near Fronton, Texas.