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The Cipher Brief is a digital, security-based conversation platform that connects the private sector with the world’s leading security experts. We deliver a relevant analysis of news and events that helps readers accurately anticipate and safely navigate the complex, unstable, global security environment. The Cipher Brief was founded by former CNN Intelligence Correspondent Suzanne Kelly on the belief that reporting on the latest security breaches or global security issues alone won’t always help find solutions to the bigger problems. Engaging the private sector in a solutions-based conversation is what moves the ball down the field.

"The Senate-passed, fiscal 2018 Defense Authorization Bill carries two little-publicized amendments that will impact future war-fighting capabilities."

"With the French growing weary and international CT efforts concentrated on defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, AQIM seems well positioned to carry on its spate of attacks unchallenged."

The growing military presence raises significant strategic and tactical questions among civilian policymakers at the National Security Council and State Department.

"The combination of ROK and U.S. SOF provide a powerful capability to the Commander of ROK/US CFC."

Continue on for a TCB interview with longtime SWJ supporter and contributor COL (ret.) David Maxwell.

"Several new factors now in play make the ISIS-linked coalition different. The ISIS drive to establish a global caliphate has given common cause to formerly unaffiliated groups."