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"To save Raqqa from both terrorists and Assad, the SDF and its newly established Raqqa Civil Council must quickly establish a broad and democratic government."

“Mutual US-Turkey prodding of each other has become more and more frequent, as Erdoğan dabbles with a strategic realignment away from the US and Europe.”

"The head of UN peacekeeping said Haiti has made so much progress that he would recommend the Security Council pull out the nearly 5,000 multinational troops and police."

"A draft executive order, reportedly from the White House, could revive currently prohibited interrogation methods, which include waterboarding, and secret, 'black site' prisons."

“Rather than allow one group to hold control in the future peace planners want to rekindle the legacy of Syria as a place that was often inclusive.”

"As Iraqi forces move to retake the city from ISIS, analysts warn the Shiite ruling elite is not doing enough to include a disenfranchised Sunni minority, whose anger helped feed the growth of...