Over the Horizon

Over the Horizon - As many have recognized, our world has changed and continues to do so in ways that meaningfully impact national security and the business of those who uphold it. Rapid technological development and diffusion of power have created an environment that old paradigms have difficulty grasping. The aim of Over the Horizon is two fold:

First, to help define the components, interconnections, and contours of this emerging system and its order.

Second, to examine the organizational, operational, and policy implications for the those involved in national defense.

OTH is a space to consider defining questions such as “what comes after the Joint and Interagency constructs?” or “what does an effective multi-domain operation look like?”

The speed of change means the horizon is closer than we may think. As in the past, success requires we keep a strategic eye just on the other side to make sure we’re prepared for that future when it arrives.

Why is there so much confusion about irregular warfare?