John Bolton

John Bolton is an Army Officer deployed to Afghanistan. He is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College’s Art of War Scholars Program and holds degrees from West Point and American Military University. His has multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The views presented here are his alone and not representative of the U.S. Army, the Defense Department, or the U.S. government.

America lacks both serious consideration about the ends America seeks in deploying its sons and daughters across the globe and the way it is achieving our stated ends.

In Afghanistan Americans seemed determined to validate F. Scott Fitzgerald's aphorism that American lives have no second act.

Fully implementing Mission Command requires more than a veneer of leader training and superficial emphasis on decentralization.

The grinding work of national security policy in a complex world is made more difficult by fractured politics at home.

This article argues that the proper place for new aviators to start flight training in is a simple, fixed-wing trainer.

The American Military has never been better tactically. However it is increasingly disconnected from the Republic it serves.