Jeong Lee

Jeong Lee is a freelance writer and an MA candidate in International Security Studies Program at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. His writings on U.S. defense policy issues and inter-Korean affairs have appeared on various online publications including the Small Wars Journal.

According to Andrew Bacevich the central question to be investigated is how and where did we get our grand strategy for the Middle East wrong?

This paper examines potential covert operation scenarios against the DPRK by dissecting retired Army Special Forces Colonel David S. Maxwell’s latest essay.

This paper examines the conduct of the Afghanistan War under the Barack Obama administration and offers policy recommendations for the president.

Resumption of limited military campaigns in Iraq has raised concerns that well-intentioned efforts to avert catastrophic military defeats and a humanitarian crisis may lead to mission creep.

The Lieutenant Don't Know: One Marine's Story of Warfare and Combat Logistics in Afghanistan by Captain Jeffrey Clement.

Moviegoers looking for realistic portrayal of SOF commandos will not be disappointed by Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor.