Gary K. Busch

Dr. Gary K. Busch has had a varied career-as an international trades unionist, an academic, a businessman and a political intelligence consultant. He was a professor and Head of Department at the University of Hawaii and has been a visiting professor at several universities. He was the head of research in international affairs for a major U.S. trade union and Assistant General Secretary of an international union federation. His articles have appeared in the Economist Intelligence Unit, Wall Street Journal, WPROST, Pravda and several other news journals. He is the editor and publisher of the web-based news journal of international relations

Speaking truth about real power and the dim prospects for "people power" in Putin's Russia.

Recent intervention continues fifty years of US military action in Africa with little success

Revolution And The Egyptian Labour Movement by Gary K. Busch Download The Full Article: Revolution And The Egyptian Labour Movement Mubarak has gone and the spirit of revolution is in the air...