Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is a news publication, founded in 1970, that is focused on global affairs, current events, and domestic and international policy. It produces content daily on its website, and in six print issues annually.

“Afghan intelligence services admit they knew an attack was coming, but blame the government next door for organizing it.”

“And four other questions the President's team needs to answer before expanding America’s longest war.”

“In a letter to Congress last month, more than 120 retired military leaders underscored their conviction that elevating and strengthening diplomacy and development are critical to keeping...

“A consortium of elite, well-paid fighters from across the former Soviet Union are training jihadis in Syria. Their business model could go global.”

“President Obama has been shamefully derelict in making Putin pay a price for his aggression. It’s time to give Vladimir a taste of his own medicine.”

“After years of moldering away under post Cold war budget crunches, Putin has spent billions to modernize the Russian arsenal.”