Defense News

Defense News is a global newsweekly on politics, business and technology of defense. Defense News serves an audience of senior military, government and industry decision-makers throughout the world. Defense News is published by the Defense News Media Group, a unit of Gannett Government Media, which is a part of Gannett Company.

Defense News was given an exclusive interview with Heritage expert Dakota Wood, who edited the over 400-page report, ahead of its formal release.

"The administration’s Afghanistan strategy has a new acronym, one which the Pentagon’s top officials say will lay the groundwork for a stable Afghanistan in the future."

"Hamas is using residential buildings in the coastal strip to disguise expansion of underground tunnels and command centers from which Israel says the group plans to wage urban war."

"The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has reported difficulty in identifying whether a $457.7 million program was successful due to a lack of accountability methods....

“The Pentagon is studying gray zone conflict - otherwise known as hybrid warfare - beginning with a focus on Russia and later moving on to study Iran and China.”

“The military’s top commanders are telling lawmakers that slashing diplomacy would undercut the military.”