Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly, an American history writer based in London, is co-author with English historian Stuart Laycock of America Invaded: A State by State Guide to Fighting on American Soil (September 2017). Other titles by Kelly and Laycock include America Invades: How America has invaded or been Militarily Involved with nearly every Country on Earth and Italy Invades: How Italians Have Conquered the World. Kelly has also edited An Adventure in 2014: The True Family of an American Family’s Journey on the Brink of World War I.  His articles and op-eds have appeared in publications including USA Today, Investor’s Business Daily, the New York Daily News and the San Francisco Chronicle, and he has been a guest on over 200 radio interviews.

As we pause to celebrate, it seems appropriate to consider the vital role played by the American military in the creation and growth of our nation and its impact on our world.

Memorial Day this year calls on us to look backward at our past and forward to the many uncertainties and challenges facing our nation overseas.

Thanks to the courage and sacrifice of those American patriots who have served in our military and those that serve today, we are able to celebrate the Fourth of July.