Christopher Keith Johnson

Christopher Keith Johnson works for a Washington, DC based international NGO focused on labor rights. He is currently based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He spent five years as a field representative in Abuja, Nigeria covering West Africa. Before that assignment he was posted for five years in southern Africa with a home base in Johannesburg. He earned his Ph.D. from Temple University and holds graduate degrees in African Studies and International Development from the University at Albany, SUNY and the University of Birmingham (UK) respectively. Twitter: @keithjohns1975

It is necessary to explore the role development, broadly defined and applied, plays in fuelling a crisis such as his been witnessed through the emergence of Boko Haram.

Nigeria remains a fragile state fighting what many believe is a misguided war on terror to hold itself together as a republic.

On Carl von Clausewitz: What is less spoken of is his study of small wars and people’s war.