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23 December SWJ Roundup

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 6:03am

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Even if Foreign Troops Leave Afghanistan, US Has Some Options - Reuters

Karzai Criticizes US Definition of 'Terrorism' - TN

Panjshir Valley Awaits the Next Fight With the Taliban - LAT



Dozens Are Killed in Syrian Violence - NYT

Syria: Many Dead as Assad Helicopters Pound Aleppo - BBC

Syrian Helicopter Bomb Raids Kill 42 in Aleppo - Reuters

Government Airstrikes Kill at Least 32 in Syria - AP

Syrian Blast Kills Students - VOA

Russia Sends Armored Trucks to Syria to Transport Chemical Arms - Reuters

Don't Get in Bed With Assad - NYT Opinion



Iran Nuclear Talks Make 'Slow Progress' - BBC

World Powers and Iran Pause Nuclear Talks for Christmas - Reuters

Iran: World Powers Should Avoid 'Troublemaking' - AP

US Will Seek Triggers to Reimpose Sanctions on Iran - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Kauai Missile Defense Facility Powering Up - HSA

First Shots Fired on Military Compensation - TH

Fox Talks Readiness, Sexual Assault, Opportunity, ‘Top Gun’ - AFPS


US Intelligence Community

A Spy World Reshaped by Edward Snowden - TWB

Yes, Edward Snowden Is a Traitor - TD Opinion


United States

Battle of the Bulge Veterans 'a Vanishing Breed' - RE

John Eisenhower, Military Historian and Ike's Son, Dies at 91 - AP

Obama, Hagel Mark Passing of John S.D. Eisenhower - AFPS

Widow Weeps Over Returned Remains of Husband Killed in Korean War - LAT



Why the Elites are Rising Up - WP Opinion



Fears Grow of Civil War in South Sudan - VOA

Fears Grow of Civil War in South Sudan as Rebels Seize Town - Reuters

'Atmosphere of Fear' in South Sudan - BBC

An Unlikely Pair at the Center of Fighting in South Sudan - WP

Obama Warns of Possible Military Action in South Sudan - AP

Americans Evacuate South Sudan Town as Fighting Continues - VOA

Americans Evacuated From South Sudan - NYT

South Sudan: British Plane to Resume Evacuation - BBC

Brits, Canadians Still in South Sudan City US Evacuated - AP

Envoys Head to South Sudan as Fighting Continues - VOA

Uganda Denies Troops Supporting South Sudan Leader - VOA

Nigeria Boosts Christmas Security Against Islamist Attacks - Reuters

Official: Mozambique Plane Crash Intentional - VOA

Mozambique Plane Crash 'Intentional' - BBC


Americas / Caribbean

Report: CIA Helped Colombia Kill Rebel Leaders - AP

CIA 'Helped Colombia FARC Attacks' - BBC

Cuba Calls for Better US Relations - BBC

Police: 3 Gang Suspects Fatally Shot in Jamaica - AP


Asia / Pacific

Antigovernment Protesters Vow to Block Elections in Thailand - NYT

Thailand: Protests Shut Down Central Bangkok - VOA

Thailand: Protesters Try to Block Election Sign-Up - AP

Thailand: Protesters Block Poll Stadium - BBC

3 Bombs Explode in Southern Thailand, Injuring 27 - AP

China Says Carrier Tests in South China Sea Going Well - AP

China Wants More Party Bosses Reprimanded for Ignoring Graft - Reuters

Crackdown Stymies China Church's Christmas Meeting - AP

North and South Korea Exchange Faxes Threatening to Attack Each Other - WP



Freed Former Russian Oil Tycoon Speaks in Germany - WP

Russian Dissident Says He Will Stay Out of Politics - NYT

Khodorkovsky: Russia Still Has Political Prisoners - VOA

Strategy Remains Elusive for Ukraine Opposition - NYT

Ukraine: Kiev Anti-Government Protest Draws 100,000 - AP

Ukraine Opposition Pursues Protest - BBC

Turkish Minister Offers Resignation Over Scandal - AP

Turkey: Police Fire Teargas, Water Cannon at Istanbul Protesters - VOA

Deal on Czech Coalition Govt to Be Signed Jan. 6 - AP

Bulgaria, Unready, Is Poor Host to Syrians - NYT

Insights Into Democracy, Refined in a Russian Prison - NYT Opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Accuses Islamic Activists of Giving Millions to al-Qaeda - WP

Al Qaeda Branch in Yemen Regrets Hospital Attack - NYT

Warning of Fresh Threat from al-Qaeda in Iraq - BBC

Reports of NSA Spying Renew Israeli Focus on Pollard - WP

Israel Demands End to US Spying - VOA

Israeli Ministers Demand End to US Spying - AP

Bomb Explodes on Israeli Bus, No One Hurt - VOA

Police Blame Palestinian Militants for Israel Bus Blast - AP

Israel: Rocket From Gaza Hits Israel; No Injuries - AP

Domestic Concerns Drive Oman's Newly Assertive Foreign Policy - Reuters

Egypt Jails Leaders of 2011 Uprising - VOA

Egyptian Activists Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison - NYT

Egypt Sends Three Pro-Democracy Activists to Prison - WP

Egypt Jails Three Leading Activists - BBC

Tension Rises at Egyptian Universities - NYT

Libya: Truck Bomb Near Benghazi Kills 13 - VOA

Libya's First Suicide Bomb Kills Seven - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills Seven Outside Libya's Benghazi - Reuters

Dark Days in Egypt - NYT Editorial

Syria: A War that Can’t be Won - WP Opinion


South Asia

Pakistani Army Launches Offensive Near Afghan Border - Reuters

Indians Push to Tame Hindu-Muslim Rioting with New Bill - WP

India: New Party to Form Delhi Government - BBC

Indian FM Downplays US Diplomatic Spat - VOA

Bangladesh Police Charge Factory Owners in Deadly Fire - VOA

Bangladeshi Factory Owners Charged in Fire That Killed 112 - NYT