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21 November SWJ Roundup

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 6:21am

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Kerry: US, Afghanistan Agree on Text for Security Pact - VOA

Pact May Extend U.S. Troops’ Stay in Afghanistan - NYT

US to Offer Afghans Assurances to Resolve Dispute - WP

Kerry: Deal Reached With Afghans on US Operations after 2014 - S&S

Afghan President Tells Elders He Backs US Deal - AP

Karzai Says Afghanistan Needs US Security Deal, But Little Trust - Reuters

Afghan Tribal Leaders to Vote on US-Afghan Security Pact - VOA

Loya Jirga to Debate US-Afghan Pact - BBC

On Eve of Afghan Council, Uncertainty Over Future of Military Mission - S&S

Rice: US Will Not Apologize for Afghan War Mistakes - VOA

Taliban Calls Loya Jirga 'Council of Traitors' - UPI             

Afghan Election Season Off to Messy Start - AP

Report: Afghans in Iran Face Forcible Deportation, Abuse - S&S

Afghan Migrants in Iran Face Painful Contradictions But Keep Coming - NYT

How Is Hamid Karzai Still Standing? - NYT Opinion



Deal May Be Near as New Iran Nuclear Talks Open - NYT

Officials Optimistic as Iran Nuclear Talks Enter Second Day - VOA

Second Day of Iran Nuclear Talks - BBC

Britain’s Hague Says Iran Nuclear Deal Within Reach - VOA

Kerry Steadfast on Iran Talks After Khamenei Rails on Israel - WP

Iran Nuclear Talks Weigh on Those Watching from Afar - VOA

France: Iranian Comments Complicate Nuclear Talks - S&S

Israel, Gulf in 'Strange Alliance' Against Iran - AP

Bombing Aims to Limit Iran’s Role in Syria, Undercut US-Iran Ties - S&S

Ban Calls for Restraint After Iran Embassy in Beirut Bombings - UPI

Iran Wants to Dominate the Middle East - WP Opinion

US Optimistic on Iran Deal - WP Opinion

How Bush Let Iran Go Nuclear - NYT Opinion



US Officials Warn of Insurgents Streaming into Syria - WP

US Says Dozens of Americans Have Sought to Join Rebels in Syria - NYT

British Citizens Said to Be Killed While Fighting in Syria - NYT

Bombing Aims to Limit Iran’s Role in Syria, Undercut US-Iran Ties - S&S

Red Crescent Worker Killed in Syria - UPI

UK Fighter 'Doing His Duty' in Syria - BBC


US Department of Defense

Defense Bill Stalls Over Dem, GOP Divide - AP

Officials: Predictable Army Promotions Crucial Despite Drawdown - AT

Air Force Nuclear Troubles Run Deep; Key Officers 'Burned Out' - AP

Air Force Seeks Laser Weapons for Next Generation Fighters - USNI

Pentagon Beefs Up Contractor Information Security Requirements - AFPS

Cyber Flag Exercise Highlights Teamwork, Training - AFPS

Women Pass Marine ‘Grunt’ Test for First Time - WP

Navy Was Warned of Contractor at Center of Bribery Inquiry - NYT

Air Force Academy's Hiring of Anti-gay Author Draws Ire From Advocates - S&S

Snooping Wife, Emails Sink Navy Captain - UT

The “Shrink Wrap” Strategy - WOTR Opinion

Congress’s Defense Program - WOTR Opinion

Capitol Hill Dysfunction Lands at Air Force - WP Opinion


United States

FBI Video Shows Al Qaeda in Kentucky Handling Heavy Weapons - ABC

5 Extradited in Plot to Import North Korean Meth to US - WP

Active and Improvising, Kerry Is Taking on Tough Problems - NYT

Obama Awards Presidential Medals of Freedom, Pays Tribute to JFK - VOA

Obama and Clinton Visit JFK's Grave - BBC

Immigrants Divided Over the Importance of Citizenship - NYT

As Service Dogs Age, Unclear Rules Leave Heartrending Challenges - S&S

US Neo-Nazi Serial Killer Executed - BBC

New Security Mindset Needed - UPI Opinion

Inside America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere - FP Opinion

The Single Most Devastating Flaw In Hiring Veterans - Forbes Opinion


United Kingdom

United States Can Spy on Britons Despite Pact, NSA Memo Says - NYT

UK 'Let NSA Store Email Addresses' - BBC

N. Ireland Bus Driver Told to Deliver Bomb, Refuses - AP

Undercover Soldiers 'Killed Unarmed Civilians in Belfast' - BBC



US, Australian Leaders Bolster Mutual Security, Economic Goals - AFPS

Australia-Indonesia Relations Dip Further Amid Spying Row - UPI

Indonesia Halts Military Cooperation with Australia over Spying Claims - VOA

Australian PM Promises Indonesia Full Response - AP

Australia Sites Hacked Amid Spy Row - BBC



Despite Setbacks, Somalia’s al-Shabab Still a Potent Threat - VOA

Democratic Republic of Congo Rebels Inch Toward Peace - UPI

Congo Soldiers Tried for Mass Rape - BBC

LRA Leader Kony 'In Surrender Talks' With CAR - BBC

Kenya in 'Counter-Terror Abuses' - BBC

Uganda Police to Prosecute Detained Politicians - VOA

Mozambicans Vote Amid Clashes Between Frelimo, Renamo - VOA


Americas / Caribbean

Venezuela Leader Gets Special Powers - BBC

Shop Till You Drop in Venezuela - WP

Colombian President Says He Will Run Again - AP

Leftward Reshuffle in Argentina - BBC


Asia / Pacific

US Panel: China Navy Power Growing in the Pacific - AP

China Criticizes Spanish Court's Arrest Orders for Chinese Officials - VOA

US Ambassador to Leave China, Rejoin Family in Seattle - WP

US: No Dialogue if North Korea Keeps Nukes Running - AP

Another American Citizen Is Arrested in North Korea - NYT

International Aid Flows Into Grateful Philippines - VOA

Aid Groups Get Strong Response to Philippines Appeals - NYT

US Marines Scaling Back Philippines Typhoon Relief Operations - S&S

Philippines Province Still Depending on Aid from Air - VOA

Bilateral Team Assesses Remote Sites in Philippines - AFPS

31st MEU Elements Arrive Near Tacloban, Philippines - AFPS

Vietnam Forum Spotlights Regional Tensions Over Dams - VOA

Displaced Muslim Kids Flock to Burma Madrassa - AP

China’s One-Child Delusion - WP Editorial



Germany, Austerity’s Champion, Faces Some Big Repair Bills - NYT

German Gets 7-year Sentence for Stealing NATO Secrets at Ramstein Air Base - S&S

US Raises Concerns About Turkish Missile Defense - UPI

Greenpeace Suspects Bailed in Russia - BBC

Sentence Cut for Bosnian Who Attacked US Embassy - AP

Armenian, Azeri Leaders Address Nagorno-Karabakh - UPI


Middle East / North Africa

Israel: David’s Sling Antimissile System Intercepts Target - AFPS

Raw Sewage and Anger Flood Gaza’s Streets as Electricity Runs Low - NYT

Bombings Kill 24 in Iraqi Capital - VOA

Iraq: Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens in Baghdad - NYT

Iraq Violence: Baghdad Struck by Deadly Bomb Blasts - BBC

Kuwait's National Airline Resumes Iraq Flights in Sign of Post-War Thaw - Reuters

Lebanon's Speaker Says al-Qaida Group Tried to Kill Him - UPI

Away From Qatar’s Bling, Workers Say They’re ‘In a Jungle’ - WP

Car Bomb Kills at Least 10 Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai - VOA

Two Bomb Attacks Target Egyptian Soldiers, Police Officers - WP

Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Sinai Attack - NYT

Egyptian Troops Die in Sinai Attack - BBC

Libya’s Resurgent Violence - NYT Editorial

Egypt: A Path to Democracy? - WP Opinion


South Asia

US Drone Attack Kills 6 at Islamic Seminary in Pakistan - WP

Drone Strike Reported Outside Pakistan’s Tribal Region - NYT

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan - AP

US Drone Kills Senior Militant in Pakistani Seminary - Reuters

Pakistan 'Drone Attack Kills Five' - BBC

Nepal Election in Shambles as Maoists Claim Fraud, Reject Result - Reuters

Political Crisis in Bangladesh - NYT Editorial