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25 January SWJ Roundup

Fri, 01/25/2013 - 6:50am


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Workshop: Identifying Behavior Cues Before an Insider Attack - S&S

Afghan Police: Suicide Bomber Misses NATO, Kills 5 - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Activists: Twin Car Bombs Kill 8 in Syria's Golan - AP

UK Man Arrested in Syria Terror Probe - BBC

Assad's Mother Has Fled Syria, US Ambassador Claims - TT



West African Forces Join French in Mali, Rebel Group Splits - VOA

Faction Splits From Islamist Group in Northern Mali - NYT

Under French Pressure, Key Mali Rebel Group Splits - AP

Mali Army Probes Executions Claim - BBC

Mali Gov't Warns Soldiers Amid Killings Reports - AP

Colonial Ties Cloud Debate Over French Intervention in Mali - VOA

France’s Harsh Dose of Reality in Mali - WP

Malian Army Is Proving No Match for Militants - NYT

Africom Commander Addresses Concerns, Potential Solutions in Mali - AFPS

Good Reasons to Fight Al-Qaeda in Mali - GP opinion

Time for the US to Go to War in Mali - USAT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Kerry: Iran Must Comply With Nuclear Inspections - VOA

Turkey Aids Iran Through Gold Trade - VOA

Kerry Hopes to Revive Israeli-Palestinian Talks - VOA

Kerry Eyes Mid-East Talks Revival - BBC

Ultra-Orthodox Parties in Tight Spot After Israel Election - VOA

Hamas to Establish Military Academy for Gaza Children - AP

Tribal Movement Wins Jordan Vote - VOA

Loyalists Set to Top Jordan Poll - BBC

Islamists Win Seats in Jordan’s Parliament - AP

Three Killed During Clashes With Iraqi Army in Falluja - Reuters

Egypt: Violence in Tahrir Square on Anniversary of Mubarak's Fall - TT

Violence Flares on Anniversary of Egypt Uprising - Reuters

Egypt Opposition to Rally on Revolution Anniversary - BBC

Egyptian Youths Ready for Another Revolution - WT

2 Years after Egypt’s Revolution, Life Goes On for Mubarak’s Cronies - WP

Europe Urges Citizens to Leave Libya's Benghazi - Reuters

Libya: Dutch, Britons, Germans Warned to Leave Benghazi - AP

Libya: Britons Urged to Leave Benghazi - BBC

Libya's Silence on Oil Deals a Setback for Transparency - Reuters

America's Saudi Arabia Problem - FP opinion

Scent of ‘Germ’ Warfare Raises Fear in the Mideast - WT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

UN to Investigate Drone Attacks - VOA

UN Panel to Investigate Rise in Drone Strikes - NYT

UN Inquiry Into Drone Killings - BBC

UN Expert Investigates US Drone Killings - AP

UK’s Cameron Outlines Anti-Terrorism Strategy - VOA

Yemen: Arabian al-Qaida's Number 2 is Dead - VOA

No. 2 Leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen Is Killed - NYT

Al-Qaeda Leader 'Dies in Yemen' - BBC

Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen Succumbs to Wounds - AP

Pakistani-American Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for Terrorism - VOA

Businessman Gets 35 Years For Role in ’08 Mumbai Attacks - WP

India: 35-Year Term Not Enough for Mumbai Plotter - AP

Feds: Ex-CIA Officer Was Leaker, Not Whistleblower - AP

Drones Bring Perpetual War to America - FP opinion


US Department of Defense

Navy Chief Calls for Sharp Spending Cuts - WT

Panetta: DOD ‘Ready’ Against North Korea, Africa Threats - AFPS

Pentagon Lifts Ban on Combat Duty for Women - VOA

Tough Road Ahead to Move Women Into Combat Roles - WT

Panetta: Joint Chiefs Unanimous on Dropping Ban on Women in Combat - S&S

Military Chiefs’ Personal Encounters Influenced Lifting Women’s Combat Ban - NYT

Afghan Bombing Helped Shape Panetta's Views on Women in War - Reuters

Pentagon to Move ‘Expeditiously’ to Lift Ban on Women in Combat Roles - WP

Defense Department Expands Women’s Combat Role - AFPS

Obama Praises DOD for Removing Women’s Combat Exclusion - AFPS

Combat Integration Opportunity to Make Services Better, Leaders Say - S&S

Dempsey: Allowing Women in Combat Strengthens Joint Force - AFPS

When the Bullets Flew, ‘They Didn’t Care That I Was a Woman’ - NYT

USS Guardian Likely to Remain Stuck for a Couple More Weeks - S&S

Newly Cleared Gen. Allen Remains Candidate to Lead NATO - S&S

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Wants Death Penalty Out - AP

“The Generals”: Blunt Critique of Army’s Leadership Culture - S&S book review

Women in the Battlefield - NYT editorial

A View From the Infantry - WT opinion

Casting a Shadow of Doubt on Female Fighters - WT opinion

Lynch: Women in Combat ‘Good News’ - WT opinion


United States

Kerry Testifies at Senate Confirmation Hearing - VOA

At Confirmation Hearing, Kerry Offers Pragmatic Views of World - WP

Kerry Links Economics to Foreign Policy - NYT

Kerry Tackles Questions on Iran, Syria, Hagel - AP

In Desert Outposts, Border Agents Keep Watch - NYT

US Lawmakers Unveil New Gun Control Bill - VOA

Senator Unveils Bill to Limit Semiautomatic Arms - NYT

More Answers Needed from John Kerry - USN&WR opinion

What Hillary's Farewell Letter Should Say - DS opinion

You Too Can Write a Foreign Policy Speech - Atlantic opinion

Spreading Gun Hysteria - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain Could Be on Path to EU Exit - VOA

Britain’s PM Defends Decision to Seek Vote on EU - NYT

Cameron Outlines Anti-Terrorism Strategy - VOA

Cameron Guts European Power - Guardian opinion



Africom’s Fast-Reaction Force Ready to Go from Colorado - WT

Africom Works to ‘Go Far’ With Partners, General Says - AFPS

UN Plans to Use Spy Drones Over Eastern Congo - AP

Somalia: Al-Shabab Threatens to Kill Kenyan Hostages - VOA

Zimbabwe Orders Diamond Fraud Probe as Election Looms - Reuters

Zambia Opposition Leader Denies Party Violence - VOA



Colombia Peace Talks Take a Break, No Major Advances Reported - Reuters

Colombia: FARC Says Peace Talks Accelerating - BBC

Absent but Omnipresent, Venezuela’s Chavez a Powerful Symbol - AP

Cuba Confirms High-Speed Internet - BBC

Mexican Drug Boss Sentenced to Seven Years in US Prison - Reuters

Mexico's Legal Soul Search After Frenchwoman Freed - AP

Human Rights Failures in Mexico - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Analysts: North Korea Serious About New Nuclear Test - VOA

China Urges Resumption of Six-Party Talks on North Korea - VOA

Kim Threat Shows No Change in North Korea - WT

US: North Korea Nuke Test Plan 'Provocative' - AP

North Korea Warns South Over UN Sanctions - BBC

North Korea Turns Its Ire on the South - NYT

Envoy: South Korea's Park Open to Dialogue with North Korea - AP

What's the Threat? North Korean Rhetoric, Reality - AP

North Korea's Secret Prison Camps Exposed by Google - TT

Experts Suggest South Korea Fortify Economic Ties with China - S&S

UN to Consider Validity of China's Claim Over Disputed Islands - Reuters

China, Japan Move to Cool Down Territorial Dispute - Reuters

Japan Gives Letter to China's Xi in Island Dispute - AP

China Arrests Tibetan in New Tactic Against Self-Immolation - VOA

Chinese Graduates Say No Thanks to Factory Jobs - NYT

Trial of China's Bo Xilai Opens Next Week - Reuters

10 More China Officials Sacked in Sex Tape Scandal - AP

Philippines Aims to Drill in South China Sea - VOA

US Envoy Apologizes for Ship’s Grounding in Philippine Coral Reef - NYT

The Five Stages of North Korean Provocation - WP opinion



Russia: 12 Suspected Militants Killed in Chechnya - AP

Ukraine Signs $10 Billion Shale Gas Deal with Shell - VOA

Turkey Approves Court Reform, Addressing Kurdish Demand - Reuters

Europe, Beware of Islamist Backlash - Commentator opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Holds Hundreds Without Charge Under Controversial Law - VOA

Murder in Pakistan Sparks Anger at Country's Elite - AP

Pakistan’s Premier Intervenes in Fire Inquiry - NYT

India Rape Trial Starts With Renewed Ban on Media Coverage - NYT

Indian Women Given Kitchen Knives, Chili to Fend Off Rapists - Reuters

India’s Next Revolution - NYT opinion