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Winning Today's Hybrid Warfare (Book Review)

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Winning Today's Hybrid Warfare (SWJ Book Review)

by Frank J. Hoffman

Winning Today's Hybrid Warfare (Full PDF Article)

David Kilcullen's new book is a travelogue of his lengthy intellectual and foreign treks into the bowels of human conflict. These travels have taken him to the jungles of the Solomons to the slums and palaces of Baghdad and Kabul. While this Australian soldier-scholar has already firmly established his status as the age's top strategist and advisor in modern conflict in the field, he owed our community a summative product. The Accidental Guerrilla meets this obligation with first honors. Based upon a lifetime of study, coupled with his advisory work in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past few years, it is a jewel. While David modestly presents many innovative ideas as merely proposals, his composition is in reality ground breaking and comprehensive at all three levels of war...

Winning Today's Hybrid Warfare (Full PDF Article)

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