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Army Intelligence 'Bottom-Up Review' Underway

Army Intelligence 'Bottom-Up Review' Underway by Jen Judson, Defense News

The chief of the U.S. Army’s intelligence branch said it is deep in the midst of a "bottom-up review" of its force to determine what is needed at every echelon and across all of the combatant commands.

The review is being led by Army Training and Doctrine Command and the Intelligence Center of Excellence. It's expected to wrap up in the late summer when the team will present the findings to Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, according to Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, who serves as the senior adviser to both Milley and the secretary of the Army.

“We kind of collectively, across the intelligence force, said we really need to do this as we are looking at the future,” Ashley said at an Association of the United States Army's Institute of Land Warfare breakfast on Wednesday. “It’s really targeted on what are the missions that are emerging now that we have not really accounted for and where are we going to be in 2025.”

The review is generating a lot of raw data “that will inform a number of processes in the Army,” Ashley said. “I think it will make us a better intelligence corps” and give the service chief a good sense of how ready the corps is to operate now and in the future…

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