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1/1/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 01/01/2022 - 11:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. China harvests masses of data on Western targets, documents show
2. Who Won in Afghanistan? Private Contractors
3. China hopes to flaunt the merits of its political system over America’s
4. U.S. Military Focusing on ISIS Cell Behind Attack at Kabul Airport
5. Getting Back On Top: How to Rebuild the Navy
6. Beijing’s Movie War Propaganda—and Washington’s
7. Russia to Require Netflix to Stream State Television Broadcasts - The Moscow Times
8. Opinion | Unraveling the long, bitter history between the United States and Russia
9. Cross-strait relations full of uncertainties in 2022, calls for dialogue: scholars - Focus Taiwan
10. The U.S. and China in 2022: A Year of Living Quietly? By James Stavridis
11. 5 Big Foreign-Policy Things We’re Watching in 2022
12. Somalia Is Where U.S. Military Strategy Goes to Die
13. Will Biden's 2021 foreign policy failures reverberate in 2022? by John Bolton
14. China demands U.S. end "hostile" military operations near its borders
15. Why American Special Forces are on the Cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence Technology
16. The US Navy has a new vision for its carrier air wing. Here's how SEALs will help put those aircraft on target

Korean News Content:

1.  Let Us Strive for Our Great State's Prosperity and Development and Our People's Wellbeing (north Korean party statement)
2. Kim Jong-un’s New Year Resolution: More Food for North Korea
3. N. Korea focuses on economy in 2022 policy direction, skips messages on S. Korea, U.S.
4. Kim Jong-un: North Korea to focus on economy in 2022
5. Biden Urged to Appoint North Korea Human Rights Envoy
6. Does South Korea Want Greater Military Capability or Foreign Policy Autonomy?
7. Mr. President, don't push South Korea into your China-containment strategy – Responsible Statecraft
8. 2022 look ahead: Mudslinging dominates South Korea's election
9. ‘Beijing likely to retaliate for closer Seoul-Washington ties’
10. New threats emerging to test Korea's crisis management capabilities
11. Defense chief inspects combat readiness aboard Peace Eye aircraft
12. South Korea pulls through, again
13. Koreans pin high hopes on watershed presidential election
14. Japan says it will never accept Korean court’s ruling