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This article was published in the April 2005 volume of the SWJ Magazine.

Small Wars Website Quick Looks


These websites are recommended for Small Wars research.  Look for links to these sites and more at

1.  Small Wars Journal

"Our" Internet research site - the SWJ is an online aid and web portal for members of the United States, allied and coalition military services researching Small Wars.  Of particular note are the Reference Library (containing several hundred articles, papers and studies) and the Research Links section.

2.  Air War College Gateway to the Internet

The granddaddy of all portals for conducting Internet-based military research.  Constantly refreshed with new links, documents, studies and articles of interest this site remains a SWJ favorite.  Of particular interest to those researching Small Wars is the Issues, Doctrine and Warfighting section.

3.  Small Wars Center of Excellence

Much of the site requires registration and access is limited to official use only.  This site is the number one official Small Wars Internet research site.  Content includes military lessons learned (or unlearned), after action reports, Emerald Express (operational insights and observations) reports, studies, papers, interviews, book reviews and more.

4.  Britain's Small Wars

The history of British military conflicts since 1945.  Beginning with India and Palestine (1945) and covering all of the U.K.'s Small Wars through the current conflict in Iraq, this site contains first-hand accounts of these actions.

5.  Center for Army Lessons Learned

Requires an Army AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account for access.  CALL collects and analyzes data from a variety of current and historical sources, including Army operations and training events, and produces lessons for military commanders, staff, and students. CALL disseminates these lessons and other related research materials through a variety of print and electronic media, including this web site.

6.  Interagency Transformation, Education and After Action Review

The ITEA program, sponsored by the National Defense University, serves as the national focal point for innovation in learning, research, and gaming that addresses the U.S. government interagency response to complex crises.  The ITEA web page contains briefings, documents, publications, after action reviews, community news and general references.

7.  Foreign Military Studies Office

FMSO researches, writes and publishes from unclassified sources about the military establishments, doctrines and strategic, operational and tactical practices of selected foreign armed forces. It also studies a variety of civil-military and transnational security issues affecting the U.S. military, such as peacekeeping and peace enforcement, counter-drug support, terrorism, insurgency and peacetime contingency operations.   FMSO studies and articles are contained on this web page.

8.  Global Security

Very large repository of military and military related documents, studies, articles, maps, imagery and more from across the globe.  Addresses every major (and minor) conflict since the 18th century (some in much more detail than others).

9.  Center for Strategic and International Studies

CSIS addresses the full spectrum of new challenges to national and international security maintaining resident experts on all of the world's major geographical regions.  CSIS studies and articles are contained on this web page.

10. Rand

Rand conducts a broad array of national security research for the U.S. Department of Defense. Rand also carries out an extensive research program in homeland security, homeland defense, and terrorism-related research for the U.S. Government, as well as selected research for key allied governments and ministries of defense.  Many of Rand's research products are contained on their web page.

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