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Afghanistan: Special Ops 'Surge' Sparks Debate

Special Ops 'Surge' Sparks Debate - Sean Naylor, Army Times

Defense Secretary Robert Gates' plan to deploy three additional combat brigades to Afghanistan by the summer has superseded a contentious debate that pitted the Bush administration's "war czar" against the special operations hierarchy over a proposed near-term "surge" of spec ops forces to Afghanistan, a Pentagon military official said.

The National Security Council's surge proposal, which grew out of its Afghan strategy review, recommended an increase of "about another battalion's worth" of troops to the Combined and Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan, or CJSOTF-A, said a field-grade Special Forces officer, who added that this would enlarge the task force by about a third.

Several sources said that the "SOF surge" proposal originated with Lt. Gen. Doug Lute, the so-called "war czar"...

...the proposal sparked a fierce high-level debate, with special operations officers charging that Lute and his colleagues were trying to micromanage the movement of individual Special Forces A-teams from inside the Beltway, and countercharges that Special Forces has strayed from its traditional mission of raising and training indigenous forces and become too focused on direct-action missions to kill or capture enemies.

Much more at The Army Times.


paul (not verified)

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 10:18pm

It does matter how big a blob they is!It allows easy monitoring for the "Ters",and easier to kill soldiers etc....Its a basic "FM" doctrine.
The perimeter gets closer to the "ters",and "TERS", closer to them...Its not symmetrical....its all about who is the most:Maneuverable,loose...

Zorro (not verified)

Sun, 12/21/2008 - 1:20am

I don't think it is relevant how many more brigades the US sends, but rather if or how it is going to tackle the core of the Afghan problem: Pakistan