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Taliban Leaders Reject Afghan Government’s Proposed Ceasefire Extension

Taliban Leaders Reject Afghan Government’s Proposed Ceasefire Extension by Pamela Constable – Washington Post

HERAT, Afghanistan – After two days of rising hopes across the country, Taliban leaders Sunday brusquely rejected the government’s proposal to extend a three-day ceasefire and said they were ordering all insurgent fighters to resume operations against “the foreign invaders and their internal supporters.”

The insurgents’ terse announcement came as thousands of Taliban fighters continued swarming into cities and towns to celebrate the three-day Eid holiday, mingling cordially with civilians, hugging policemen and posing for selfies. Many remained armed, however, raising concerns about whether their presence would turn menacing after the current truce expired at midnight.

In Kabul, the capital, a group of insurgents milling in the streets Sunday afternoon was heard shouting, “Death to America,” after the truce was rebuffed, according to a video posted on social media by Afghan journalists. In Paktika province, another post said Taliban fighters meeting with local residents had fired shots and torn up Afghan flags. 

There were also scattered but unconfirmed reports late Sunday of Taliban fighters regrouping or opening fire on Afghan forces in Ghazni, Helmand, Kandahar and Zabul provinces – long before the official ceasefire was to end at midnight…

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