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Calling All Women Who Serve or Served!

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 10:30am

Calling All Women Who Serve or Served!

All women in the military and female veterans are invited to join Military Women /  Women Veterans and Think Broader Foundation to create a PSA with women's voices. An informal coalition of over 20 veteran- and women-focused organizations are collaborating to raise the positive profile of our sisters in arms. 

Please submit a 15 second "I Serve" or I Served" video to  

Details on the how-to on this link.

Please Tweet!

Example: Women in the military/vets: Join this campaign to promote our sisters in arms. Submit your selfie video!: #IServed 

Stay Tuned on Vet's Day.

We will be sharing videos each day from now until Veteran's Day on our social media; on Veteran's Day we will release a special and unique compilation of the submissions!