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7/31/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 07/31/2022 - 12:01pm

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National Security News Content:


​2. Ukraine Has Earned Our Respect and Our Trust: We Need to Fully Arm Ukraine to Defeat Russia

3. Beware of war predictions: Ukraine’s outcome is not yet written

4. How to use Irregular Warfare to Support Partners and Deter Adversaries

5. The United States Learned From Iraq and Afghanistan. Russia Didn’t.

6. The Battle for Kherson and Why it Matters

7. Special Ops go back to the future to deter nation-state adversaries

8. Missing the Mark: Reassessing U.S. Military Aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces

9. Red Cross struggles to see prison where Ukrainian POWs died

10. The Untold Shadow War Between Israel and North Korea

​11. ​Putin Has Another Problem: The Russia Navy Is In Trouble

12. No matter what the Kremlin says, the sanctions against Russia are working and 'catastrophically crippling' its economy: study

​13. ​Slowdown in China ripples through corporate earnings

​14. ​US Army’s solar-powered drone is setting new records every day

15. Despite rising tensions, US and Chinese troops worked together to put out a garbage dump fire, a top US general says

​16. ​Drone explosion hits Russia's Black Sea Fleet HQ

​17. ​Hacktivist group Anonymous is using six top techniques to 'embarrass' Russia

​18. ​Chinese invasion of Taiwan may come sooner than expected

19. The Sneaky Way Ukraine Could Take Back Kherson from Putin: Guerilla Warfare

​20. ​Terrorism is Less of an Existential Threat than Russia and China

21. No more automatic Global War on Terrorism service medals, DoD says

​22. ​Helping Partners Help Themselves Through Grassroots Innovation

​23. ​Busting the myth of the Phantom Major

Korean News Content:

​1. SRAD Director's Corner: Understanding North Korea and the Key to Security in East Asia

​2. S. Korean, U.S. defense chiefs agree to beef up policy, military measures to counter N.K. nuke threats

3. Navy chief to visit U.S. for defense diplomacy

4. N. Korea's new suspected COVID-19 cases remain at zero: state media

5. North Korea builds state-of-the-art wards for privileged COVID patients

6. As more North Koreans seek divorces, quotas block ‘anti-socialist’ practice

7. The Untold Shadow War Between Israel and North Korea

8. Mystery in Killing by North Korea Fuels a High-Level Dispute in the South

9. North Koreans seeking escape worry about being pushed back by South

10. Korea still balks at joining US-led chip alliance

​11. ​North Korea propaganda outlet decries Yoon's NK human rights policies

12. S. Korea, US, Japan start Pacific Dragon ballistic missile defense drill this week

​13. ​Can Yoon cut Gordian Knot of South Korea-Japan relations?

​14. ​Can Yoon find ways to salvage his approval rating?