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Syria is already in crisis but the death or departure of President Bashar al-Asad is likely to intensify violence and destruction in the country, not quell it.

The pressures on Yemen are centrifugal rather than centripetal, by which the power of the center is weakened to the benefit of poles of regional power. These centrifugal forces could make it...

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As someone who was born and lived in Iraq, I witnessed much of what Dr. Sassoon describes and believe that his analysis is profound and accurate.

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A model for the Iraqi military that seeks to minimize the threats of sectarianism, insurgency, and rampant unemployment over the next five years through mandatory conscription—a...

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The Surge was only one piece of a broader confluence of events, critically the Shiite victory in the civil war, the formation of “Sons of Iraq” groups, the cease-fire of the Mahdi Army,...

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Regional proxy wars between Iran and the Arab Gulf are using Lebanon as their figurative prostitute.

The Syrian regime’s use of shelling and aircraft are now being complimented with wholesale executions in rebel-controlled neighborhoods.

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Without international intervention, Syria will continue to slip into deeper sectarianism, which is the worst case scenario for Iraq.

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Lebanon has a political system, security force, and national memory to weather the current storm. 

Pointer to an interview by frequent SWJ contributor Bob Tollast.